10 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Daryl

21262610 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Daryl

A talented Daryl rper talks ships, Dwight, modern art and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl

It’s hard to know how to introduce this week’s guest on 10 Questions From a Dead Girl. Before the apocalypse, he was nothing, nobody. He has a heart of gold lurking beneath a tough exterior, and he may be the only zen one around here. He’s Daryl Dixon–and on Twitter roleplayer @fadedwings_ captures his persona so perfectly it’s almost scary. See for yourself as he answers 10 of my questions.



  1. Okay first things first–what would you like to say to Dwight? I know you must have something to get off your chest.

Yeah I gotta lot t’say to th’prick. First off learn t’shoot cause y’missed ya goddamn jackass. I was what a foot from ya and y’still couldn’t shoot me. I should have killed ya when I had the chance. I won’t make tha’ mistake again. Next chance I get I’ll be stompin ya back to whatever hole y’slithered outta.

Also nice face. Makes me wanna put y’out of y’misery.

Don’t get me started on my crossbow. Been tryin t’clean it since I got it back. Some nasty shit all caked up in it. What th’hell did y’do?



  1. Settle this once and for all: Carol or Beth?

Beth. S’always been Beth.



  1. How do you think your life would be now if Merle hadn’t died when he did in the series?

Bet ya ass I’d have probably got t’keep my crossbow. He could be a huge dick when he wanted t’be which was all th’time but…he wouldn’t have given tha’ prick a chance t’get close enough t’us. Hell he might’ve even shot th’bastard right off.

Merle had a tendency t’ruin good things. With my luck he’d have pissed off th’cannibal extra hard and we’d have wound up splatted faster than road kill. He’d probably’ve gotten me kicked out of Alexandria jus’ for knowin’ ‘im.

But if ‘m bein honest…he was my brother and I’d give anythin to have ‘im back. Ain’t no one gonna watch y’ass like y’own brother and he’s done it since I can remember. I miss havin’ tha’ sometimes.



  1. What’s the story behind your vest? It’s pretty unique.


I found it on a run this one time an’ brought it back to H’s farm. Hated it at first but…Beth liked it. She teased an’ said I should keep it for m’self because I needed somethin to watch over me. She said she had her family an’ all to watch out for her an’ I didn’t have nobody. It jus’ kinda stuck with me after that. I dunno it jus’ seemed to keep me out of trouble for th’most part.





  1. If you hadn’t gotten your crossbow back, what signature weapon would you have resorted to using?

If y’can shoot one ranged weapon y’can shoot ‘em all pretty much. I probably would have tracked down sort of Robin Hood and stolen his shit like mine was.



  1. Was having Jesus’ head on your shoulder in the back of the car really that bad?

No…um, no.



  1. What’s a perfect meal for Daryl Dixon?


Fresh squirrel. Or a rabbit if I’m lucky.



  1. Tell me about your best day ever.

Thas’ hard t’say…

Findin out my brother was alive was a good day but then learnin what he did t’Maggie and Glenn kinda ruined it. I know he didn’t know ‘em or nothin but still.

Spendin’ time with Beth was a good few days until I lost her.

I guess overall my best day was also my worst one. When we found Beth and then lost her. I don’ think I’m cut out for best days. Just, days.


  1. I really enjoyed your interpretation of modern art in Consumed. Mind giving me your take on these?




Um…looks like someone slapped paint on a walker and let it have a damned ol’ time. I dunno. Is tha’ even art?




Well this is better then th’first one.   Looks like a page out of one of them naked instruction books. Just…colored by someone’s rug puppy.




What th’hell is this? Art is s’posed t’be trees an’ birds and fat winged babies. Small dicked men on white horses. This just looks like someone not even tryin at life.




I ain’t even sure what tha’ is. Y’messin with me? Tha’ looks like some biology shit fresh from th’CDC or somethin. If y’squint it moves sorta. Who said tha’ was art?




Lil’ AssKicker did this one. Tha’ kid has real talent. I let her do it all over th’living room wall too.



  1. Any messages for your fan girls?

Y’all th’best fans ever. Oh an’ I ain’t dead.




For more @fadedwings_, follow him on Twitter and be sure to stop back next week to see who will be answering my questions next.





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