10 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Jesus

  110 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Jesus

A talented Jesus rper talks putting together the perfect crew, dealing with Negan and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl


Jesus has long been my favorite character from The Walking Dead comics, so I was anxiously awaiting his arrival on the show. Tom Payne hasn’t disappointed with his performance, and since his debut on the show, I’ve had my eye out for Twitter rpers bringing the character to life. Much like Tom Payne, one writer has managed to capture Jesus with every tweet! That amazing writer is @Hilltop_Savior from Twitter and this week I got to ask him 10 questions.



  1. You started catching the ladies’ eye from the very first episode you appeared. What’s the secret to your appeal?

    Ha!  Have I?  I’ll be honest–I really haven’t paid much attention (or been conscious).  I’ve heard a few comments here and there about my hair and eyes.  So maybe it’s that?  It definitely can’t be my underwhelming stature.  Maybe they like my hat.

  2. That other guy named Jesus had 12 disciples. If you could put together your own 12-disciple crew of characters from The Walking Dead or any other fandom who would be #TeamJesusRovia?

    Wow, 12 people is a lot.  I think #TeamJesus would have to have the following:  Ironman (brains), Spiderman (skills), Rick, Maggie, Michonne and Daryl (obvious reasons), Harlan (band-aids), Morgan (advice), Aaron (negotiating), Godzilla (muscles), Thor (muscles), and Snuggles the fabric softener bear (obvious reasons).



  1. You’ve had to deal with the Saviors for longer than the people of Alexandria. Any advice for Rick?

    Keep your head down and do as he says.  Negan’s got way too many people and knows this area far better than anyone except for maybe me.  I swear even the birds report back to him with intel.  I always try to advise Gregory to pick his battles.  This is one battle Rick needs to reconsider.


  1. Take a look at this picture please. You’ve got on long sleeves, a leather coat, a scarf and a beanie. Mr. Dixon has no sleeves and shirt unbuttoned. What’s the weather situation going on here?

    Obviously Daryl is much hotter and far more intimidating than me.  He doesn’t need all the extra help.


  1. There have been some people who suggest that your character is sacrilegious due to your Heavenly nickname. Any comments on that?

    What’s wrong with a nickname to remind people of something nice when we’re all living in Hell?  It’s just a name and not meant to be anything more than a term of affection between myself and close friends.  Besides, remember being a kid in the mall and seeing Santa Claus?  Nobody ever got upset that there was more than one Santa.


  1. What went through your head when Michonne and Rick sprung out of bed that morning in Alexandria?

    The first thought that went through my head was wondering why they hadn’t locked their front door.  The second thought was that I probably should have knocked.  The third was me wondering how they got untangled so quickly (from the sheets!).


  1. It seemed like what happened at the Saviors compound had a big impact you. Care to talk about it?

    Up to that point I’d never killed anybody.  It was in defense of friends, but it was still my first time.  Until then, I’d always managed to just disable the person or get away.  I didn’t feel like I had any other choice and I think that’s what bothered me most.  I’ve always been the guy who had another idea to offer when there was a problem.  There wasn’t one and there wasn’t any time to think.


  1. If the apocalypse were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your life?

    I don’t think I could go back to my life before.  I think that I would find myself some place quiet to live and stay there.  I’ve come to trust in the outdoors more than anything else.  Nature doesn’t lie or cheat, it doesn’t steal and it certainly doesn’t try to bash your head in with a bat first chance it gets.


  1. Gregory has a big fancy painting in his office. What’s decorating the walls of your room?

    I have maps on my walls where I’ve marked off all the places I’ve looked for supplies.  If you look hard enough you might find a map of Walt Disney World and one of Kings Dominion Park.  Aaron collects license plates from different states.  I like collecting theme park maps.


  1. What’s your personal motto, Paul?

    Respect others and they’ll respect you; just do it from a distance.

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