10 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Negan & an Aaron


10 Questions From a Dead Girl with a Negan & an Aaron

A Negan parodier and an Aaron rper chat with BG Blogger in this special 10 Questions From a Dead Girl double feature


What’s better than getting to read the musings of one talented TWD Tweeps? Getting two for the price of one! This week, I posed 10 questions to Negan parodier@BarbedwiredFear and Aaron rper @stranger__dangr!


First up Negan!

  1. Okay I gotta get this out of the way…I know you have to do what the writers and producers say, but who did you want to give a kiss from Lucille the most?




  1. Which of the Saviors that Rick’s group killed are you gonna miss the most, Big Guy?


Eh, Paul was pretty hot


  1. I’m personally planning to write you in on the ballot in November for President. What would be your platform if you were going to run?


Wherever there aren’t too many fucking walkers.



  1. Let’s say all the walkers were suddenly eliminated and life could go back to normal. What’s the first thing you would do?


Become the fucking president of the USA!



  1. I hear that next season we’re going to meet Shiva the tiger. What’s your plan for dealing with that big cat?


Take the fucking tiger and make it kill everyone I don’t like.



  1. Which resident of Alexandria would make the best Savior?





  1. Which FTWD character would you most like Lucille to meet?





  1. How are you adjusting to being censored for prime time television?


Fucking boring



  1. Boxers or briefs?





  1. Tell me something about you that no one knows.


They ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now onto Aaron!



  1. What do you think the chances are you ended up picked with eenie meenie miney moe?


I’m not even sure I want to guess. It would be the first time I’ve ever won anything by the luck of the draw, I think, but this isn’t an occasion where I really want to be lucky.



  1. I’m always impressed by how well pressed your plaid shirts are. Are you really ironing in the apocalypse?


Hanging your shirt outside a hot shower does the trick every time. And when clothes get sweaty enough on the road, I think they get too heavy to hold wrinkles. Too much information, I know.



  1. I know you’re collecting license plates nowadays with Eric. Did you have any collections before?


Baseball cards as a kid. Oh, and I used to bring back a rock from every trip I took with the NGO I worked for.



  1. What did you mean when you said you owed Maggie in the finale?


Maggie has always been kind to me. When I approached the group, she cared for my injury after Rick knocked me out. Of course, I understand why he did it and I don’t hold a grudge, but it was comforting in the moment. After everything happened with the wolves, she helped me to move forward. I guess it was a combination of things.



  1. Besides applesauce, are there any other foods that you hate?


Liver. I ate crickets a few times while in Africa. Not a food I’ll return to if I can help it.



  1. Are you hoping to still go out on the road after everything that’s happened with the Saviors?


I’d like to. I think good people are going to be more important now than ever.



  1. Favorite song?


I haven’t heard it in a long time, but I think now I’d have to say “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” I don’t always feel fine but things could be worse, always.



  1. You and Eric are one of my favorite ships on the show. Who do you ship?


Are we? Well, thank you! My pick is Rosita and Tara. That needs to happen. Sorry, Spencer.



  1. I asked Negan, so I’m asking you, too. Boxers or briefs?


That’s a pretty personal question, isn’t it? Boxer-briefs, to be honest. The ultimate underwear hybrid.



  1. Tell me your deepest darkest secret.


Wow. Uh, I’m a pretty open book, really, so I’m afraid this answer will be boring. One time I did find a pasta maker on the road and said screw Mrs. Niedemeyer and left it behind. I feel kind of guilty about it now.



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