10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Ashlee Casey

unspecified  10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Ashlee Casey


Artist Ashlee Casey discusses her art, favorite TWD characters and moments and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl


If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have a thing for TWD fan art. I love to see the way artists work in different mediums to capture moments from the show or reflect the spirit of the characters.


The very first time I saw Ashlee Casey’s work, I literally stopped and stared at my computer screen for 3 solid minutes. The piece that took my breath away was her portrait of Bob. First, I was struck because you don’t often see portraits of the character. But more than that, I was blown away by how Ashlee managed to bring that sort of quiet optimism that defines him and the darkness of his past altogether in the way she produced the image.


I had to see more, so I tracked down her Society6 Page, which to my delight, featured so many other amazing pieces based on TWD and other fandoms.


And that’s how I became an Ashlee Casey undead fan girl. I was super excited to be able to ask her 10 questions this week.


  1. What’s your process for creating your work?


Mostly I plug in the tablet, open up my painting program, and hope for the best. Music is incredibly inspiring, different music for different color schemes or emotions. Recently I’ve been binge watching Bob Ross on Netflix.



  1. Which character from TWD inspires you the most and why?


Definitely Carol. She’s a quintessential phoenix metaphor–she’s gone through so much and always comes back stronger every time. Plus Melissa is so fantastic at what she does–she’s made Carol the powerhouse that she is. Which is inspiring all to itself.



  1. What moment from TWD shocked or surprised you the most?


How do I even pick! I think I would have to say the thing that’s stuck with me, that I felt the most shocked by was basically the entire episode “Killer Within.” It was firing in all directions and at the end you were just kind of staring at your TV misty eyed, like you couldn’t even think “did that just happen?”



  1. Have you had the opportunity to get a response to your work from any of the cast of TWD?


It’s still hard for me to believe that I can answer “yes” to this question! I’ve had a handful of opportunities to meet some of the cast and give them art. They’ve all been so lovely and supportive.



  1. How would you explain TWD to someone who had never seen it before using just one sentence?


My pitch is usually: “Yes, it’s a zombie show–but it’s totally not what you think…It’s rad, watch it.” and so far it’s been pretty successful.



  1. What was your favorite moment from Season 6 of TWD?


Jeez, I just thought of a few different things. I think for me it’s a tie between Father Gabriel’s “vaya con Dios” moment, Eugene and Abraham’s dialog in “Twice As Far,” and Richonne becoming canon, of course.



  1. How about your least favorite?


This isn’t a particular scene, but I feel like a few of the romantic subplots were pretty unnecessary this season.



  1. What is your favorite TWD piece that you’ve done?


A couple years back I did one of Daryl juxtaposed against a top and bottom view of a wolf skull…I can’t divulge yet, but a really cool thing has happened with it recently, so I’m pretty proud of that one right now!



  1. If you could drop a character from another show or movie into the plot of The Walking Dead, who would you pick and why?


I would absolutely love to drop Charlie Kelly in there, really there’s so many reasons why I’d love to see Charlie Day on TWD.



  1. Would you like to share some of your other fan art?


caryltiny merled2   abe2 michonnes2

If you’d like to purchase some of Ashlee’s prints, check out her Society6 store. To see more of her work and get a chance to see new pieces in the future, be sure to like her page on Facebook ,  and follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.

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