10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Leanne Dawn


10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Leanne Dawn


Leanne Dawn talks post-apocalyptic road trips, Walker Stalker Con, Jesus’ dreamy eyes and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl


Hey hey deadheads! It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another edition of 10 Questions From a Dead Girl. This week I picked the brain of someone very special–my best friend in the whole wide world, Leanne Dawn! Not only does she deserve a medal for putting up with my undead, legless self for years now, but she’s wicked smart, hella funny and always making insights about The Walking Dead that make me stop and make me think. Here are the 10 questions I made her suffer through…



  1. Let’s get things off to a spicy start–who’s the sexiest TWD character and why?  


Hmmm……while I think Daryl is adorable, I have to say Jesus. I’m a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes! And the man has skillz!!



  1. If you had to take a road trip across the country with a TWD character, which one would you choose and why?


Definitely NOT Rick! He has appalling taste in music! I know “driver pics the music” and all, but just no. I think T-Dog would have been a blast! Top down and cruisin!



  1. I know you recently went to Walker Stalker Con. What tips do you have for people who are considering going?


Plan plan plan! A well thought out plan of attack is a must if you want to maximize your time. (And a Travis [Leanne’s platinum guide at WSC] of your own to keep you on schedule!)



  1. Which cast member was the most memorable or fun to meet?


Everyone was memorable in their own way. Lawrence Gilliard, Jr and Irone Singleton were amazingly high energy and really made everyone feel special! And Alexandra Breckenridge was super fun! (And Holy Hell was Austin Nichols hot!!)



  1. Which TWD couple is your favorite and why?


Daryl and Carol are adorable together even though they are not an actual couple. The two of them have so much emotional damage I hope they explore. I have to go with Maggie and Glenn because they seem so genuine.



  1. If AMC was going to make a show about the life of one of the characters before the apocalypse, whose story would you be most interested in?


Lifetime has already done Carol, so……Sgt. Abraham Ford. Gotta be some good war stories there.



  1. You’re a fan of Z Nation, too. How do the shows compare?


Apples and oranges. Z Nation is a riot and definitely does not take itself too seriously. I mean, they had a zombie nativity, Amish anthrax zombies and a giant wheel of cheese! Oh and Neegan…check out Addy. Now that’s a bat!



  1. Which FTWD character do you think is best equipped for facing the walkers right now?


Nick. As a junkie, his reality was already so skewed this almost seems reasonable. Or Daniel because he knows how to do what needs to be done, no matter how far over the line he needs to go.



  1. Which is the better post-apocalypse job: cleaning the Governor’s fish tanks or being one of the wards at Grady Hospital?


Cleaning the tanks. At least the heads aren’t going to rape you.



  1. Which TWD kid would you be most willing to parent and why?


Couldn’t I just have a dog? I would say Mika. Old enough not to need carried, and young enough to not have bad habits–like not staying on the porch! I’m looking at you Carl!



For more Leanne Dawn follow her on Twitter and Instagram! And stop back next week to see who is the next victim!

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