10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Oscar Rodriguez III


10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Oscar Rodriguez III

Amazing TWD fan artist Oscar Rodriguez III talks capturing characters on paper, Lucille’s target, kissing Norman Reedus and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl

You can discover a lot of things on Twitter. My timeline, as you might expect, is filled with all things TWD, but no matter how many tweets I scroll through, I can count on one artist’s drawings to always make me stop and say “wow.”

Oscar Rodriguez, III is that artist.

His amazing work brings scenes from the comics and from the show to life while perfectly capturing the emotion of the scene, and on top of being so stinking talented, he’s also a really sweet guy. This week, I got the chance to chat him up for 10 Questions From a Dead Girl.


  1. So first things first–I have to hear the story about how you kissed Norman Reedus.

I went to Wizard World in Chicago in 2014. I got there and met Michael Rooker and I took a selfie kissing him. Reedus sold out for Saturday and Sunday, so he decided to come a day early to meet fans that would not otherwise get to meet him. I got in line and waited almost an hour when Reedus finally came. I decided when I got up to him I was going to ask to kiss him on the cheek. I had already kissed Rooker so I wanted to kiss the Dixon brothers. I showed him the picture of me and Rooker and I asked him to do the same and he said “right on” and the rest is history.


  1. How do you create your art? What’s your process?

The process to creating my art is I come up with an idea in my head of what I want to create. I search for a reference point and I use the reference as a tool. I figure out what medium I want to use and then I put it down. It doesn’t matter the canvas as long as I have the idea. I primarily do black and white and lately I have started adding more color.

  1. Over the years, you’ve gotten to meet some of the cast and interact with them online. Which encounter has been the most memorable?

Nothing to me beats the Reedus kiss, however, all encounters are great in their own way. I was fond of Scott Wilson/Hershel–he was very personable and he left a great impression. He even gave me a stick of gum.

But, all the TWD cast that I have met have all been nice and they are all very down to earth. IronE was awesome, too; he had great hugs and took time with all the fans. Chad Coleman even remembered me and called me out on Twitter, and asked where our picture was. We hashtagged it #hammertimeandkisses.


  1. Who’s been your favorite character to capture on paper?

My favorite character to date to capture on paper was Glenn. The story behind his death and the introduction of Negan and Lucille puts so much emphasis on the image of him. When you think about this genre it doesn’t work without the blood and the gore–to be able to capture that really tested me and my capabilities as an artist.

  1. Which TWD character do you identify with the most and why?

The TWD character I identify the most with is Daryl Dixon. Although we don’t have a lot of his backstory you can tell what he has been through and where he came from. It is obvious his whole life has been a struggle and who he was is not who he is. I relate to that because I am a kid from the city and I grew up struggling and having to learn how to survive on my own. We share a lot of similarities in that way.

  1. What’s been the shocking moment to you so far in the series?

The shocking moment to me has been Hershel. When Hershel got his head cut off, I felt like we lost a big part of the group. Hershel was a big part of the story, for me there was a lot of emotion in that moment. Everybody had an attachment to Hershel. He was the moral center, even though Rick is the leader, Hershel, underlying, kept everything together. In closing, to see him die twice was shocking.


  1. Which characters from the comics are your favorites? Are they also your favorites on the show?

The characters from the comics that are my favorite are Michonne and Rick. My favorites from the show are Daryl and Abraham.

  1. We know we’re losing someone in the season premiere. Who would you prefer it be?

If I had to choose someone to lose in the season premier it would be…I don’t want it to be Glenn because that is who it is in the comics. I would prefer it be Aaron. Not because I dislike the character. I just feel like he is new and not real significant. The main characters, we have watched them grow and evolve and I would like to continue to see the evolution of them.


  1. How do you think the show would have been different if Sophia had been found alive rather than as a walker in the barn?

If Sophia had been found alive, I feel the story would have followed the comics. We wouldn’t have the Carol that we have now. She needed to lose Sophia to make her the person she is today.


  1. Would you share some of your favorite pieces?

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To see more of Oscar’s work and even purchase some of his drawings, follow his personal and art accounts on Twitter and look for the hashtag #OscarsRedHat. Also be sure to like his art and TWD pages on Facebook.

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