10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Ricks Chicks


10 Questions From a Dead Girl with Ricks Chicks

Tami, Jolene and Kenna from Ricks Chicks talk funny moments, favorite characters, Shane’s overalls and more in this week’s 10 Questions From a Dead Girl


On Facebook, you can find communities where people gather to discuss the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, share theories and make friendships. You can find pages that offer hilarious memes and that share photos of the cast both on and offset, and there are pages where you can find original content like cast interviews. It’s rare, though, to find all of those things in one place, but that’s exactly what you’re treated to when you visit the Ricks Chicks page.

With more than 26,000 likes, Ricks Chicks is one of the most active TWD fan pages on Facebook, and page owner Tami Bradley-Tackett and admins Kenna Campbell and Jolene Moran are consistently updating the page with fresh, engaging content. This week, Tami  and Kenna teamed up to answer 10 Questions From a Dead Girl.


  1. How did Ricks Chicks start?


Tami (Owner/Admin): “I had been watching The Walking Dead since the first day that it aired in 2010 and quickly became obsessed. Although my family watched the show with me, they weren’t as obsessed as I was (my NOW 13 yr old daughter didn’t join the obssession until a little later) so, having the need to talk to others (back then) about the show, I joined a few Walking Dead groups online.


Although we ALL were fans of the same show….there were a lot of things that I didn’t agree with. For example, it was hard to find a group that did NOT have fighting amongst one another, or horrible name calling, or persecuting another just because their opinion on a WD subject wasn’t what the majority agreed with; bullying each other just because someone didn’t like someone else’s favorite character, as well as foul, disgusting language were some of things that, for me, as a Christian, I didn’t care to see or be involved in.


I didn’t judge those people…it just wasn’t for ME nor were there any places that my daughter could talk to others her age about the show once she got older and invested more. To make a long story short, I ended up making my own page that welcomed ALL opinions and discussions without having the fear of being persecuted or bullied just for having a different opinion on ANY issue (as long as the opinion was stated in a respectable manner). My daughter and her friends are on the page as well as younger kids. Our Ricks Chicks members range in age from 7 years old all the way to our oldest member being 80 years old. ”



  1. If you had to pick one of the characters in Negan’s lineup to go, who would you pick and why?


TAMI (Owner/Admin): “Rosita…didn’t even have to think about that one. lol I have not liked her “character” from the start. I think Christian Serratos is a wonderful actress and a beauitful young lady, so it is nothing against the actress herself. My kids and I used to watch her on a kids show called “Neds DeClassified” as “Suzie Crabgrass.” We liked her on that show and were excited to see her join TWD. However, there was just something about her attitude from the beginning that I just didn’t care for. As the show has progressed, her attitude towards Eugene and hatefullness towards others only confirmed why I didn’t care for her in the first place. Although I did hurt for her when Abraham broke up with her and sided with HER during that scene. lol



  1. Which character do you think had the most interesting story line in Season 6?


Tami (Owner/Admin) “My man, Rick, of course. To go back and watch the beginning of the season to where he is at NOW, shows how much Rick adapts and just keeps transforming in this world. Andrew Lincoln is such an amazing actor. ”


Kenna (Admin) “Rick, of course! He started with a new role in the community, as leader. Then, found love, faced a major threat as leader, lost love, nearly lost the community and wound up in the worst peril of his story so far…. The character has had the most weight to carry, being that he has children AND has been looked to as leader since the very beginning. Yet, his resilience and adaptability prevent him from succumbing to it or folding under the weight of it.”


  1. On the flip side, which story line interested you the least or did you not like?


Tami (Owner/Admin) “How much time do we have. lol I love this show and will watch it until the end. I have been an obsessed fan since day one, Oct. 31, 2010. However, there ARE some storylines that I didn’t care too much for. Several, actually. But, I will only name a few.


The 90 minute back story about Morgan was a disappointment. I was a big fan of Morgan before the writers flipped the script and completely changed who he was. I understand the need to tell HOW he became the “all life is precious” Morgan, but that story could have been told in a LOT less time instead of wasting an entire 90 minute episode about it. That time could have been dedicated to 90 minutes of Rick taking a shower…cause you can never be too clean. Ha Ha Ha JK. But that would have been alot more interesting. ANYTHING that contains Rick…is always a LOT more interesting anyways.


I also didn’t like the entire Glenn hiding under a dumpster thing…and some of the things that they write for the characters to do now is a little frustrating. I understand that characters change, but to do something that is completely out of character, especially for those characters that we have known for the past 6 seasons, isn’t something that I care for. An example on that would be….when Daryl and Rick go out to find supplies in the episode “The Next World” and LEAVE their car behind and take ONLY the conveniently stocked food truck…is something that Rick nor Daryl would have done. They would have taken both vehicles in case one broke down or they had trouble. After knowing our characters for this long…WHY would they leave that car behind? It just didn’t make any sense. Why did Rick back up SOOOO far in that truck…all the way next to the lake…lol–just little things that are weird.


There’s many more that I could go into…but I will end with the big one…Jessie….we didn’t need to see that! lol.”



Kenna (Admin) -“Morgans. First, it took too much time away from our “family” stories and their development. Secondly, his character has been a nuisance for the most part. His new found ways do not fit with the group and detract from the story’s flow.”

  1. You’ve had the chance to meet and interview many members of the cast. Which experience was the most enjoyable or memorable for you?


Tami (Owner/Admin) “I enjoyed interviewing them all. The cast members that I have spoken with have been such wonderful, delightful people, and such a joy to talk to. The walkers on the show are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. They love what they do and are so dedicated to making us all forget that they are actually actors behind all those prosthetics…lol. Hats off to all of them for all their hard work. They all do such an incredible job. ”



  1. Why do you think The Walking Dead has become such a phenomenon?


TAMI (Owner/Admin) “The actors on the show, first and foremost, especially Andrew Lincoln. I do believe that Andy is the only person that could have made Rick Grimes actually step out of those comic pages and onto our TV screens and have people love him the way we do…because he IS Rick Grimes! He transformed himself into this character that we all know now and love and no other actor could have done that.

The SECOND reason I believe this show was first loved by so many has to be Frank Darabont and his adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s story. I don’t think the show would have been as big of a hit as it is without Frank’s touch on the entire beginning of the show. The story Robert Kirkman wrote, itself, is such a great story, but not many people could have brought it to life off the pages of a comic book the way that Frank Darabont did. If you read the comics, you will see that Rick gets shot on the first page, and wakes up in a coma on the second page. There are only a few lines that are said between Rick and Shane in the comics before he wakes up from the coma. I’ve written more words here than are actually said before Rick wakes up. Frank wrote the 60 page pilot episode, as well as directed and helped produce “Days Gone Bye.” So Frank’s writing, directing, adaptation and overall involvement on this project is truly what made people fall in love with it…..AND ANDREW LINCOLN…lol. I just had to say it again.”


Kenna (Admin) “The story line is unique. Not because of the zombie aspect, but because of the way the characters have adapted to the “new world.” The human aspect is so relatable and realistic, anyone who gave it a chance would find a character or trait that they could identify with. Each character is a story of their own, and each has been an integral part to the story telling. Each loss has an effect on the story and on the person watching. In addition, the camera work and special effects are absolutely engrossing. There is not and has never been a show as compelling and different.”



  1. Do you watch Fear the Walking Dead? If so, what are you hoping is ahead this season?


TAMI (Owner/Admin) “Yes, like most Walking Dead fans, I have also watched FTWD since it first aired, because as WD fans, we all were excited to see this whole other side to our WD world. Although I am not crazy about Fear, I DO keep watching, hoping and waiting to see if it gets any better. I know we are in the beginning stages of the apocalypse on FTWD, but it’s very slow. Even having watched Season 2, episode 1 already, it’s still a slow go. There’s a line on the show in Season 1 that said… “When civilization ends, it ends fast.” But, I’ve yet to see the “fast” part. So, I am hoping it picks up a little bit in the second season….and I hope they replace Madison….lol”



  1. Which moment in the entire TWD series did you find the funniest?


TAMI (Owner/Admin) “The Finger snapping Rick during his car ride with Daryl in the episode, “The Next World,” with Rick’s horrible music choice…lol.”




  1. Which would you rather do: go through the apocalypse with Eugene’s mullet or in Otis’ overalls?


TAMI (Owner/Admin) “I’d have to pick the mullet due to the fact that the overalls would get in the way of running away from danger and from walkers. You don’t want to be tripping over yourself. Although style-wise, I would choose the overalls, but not zombie apocalypse-wise…lol. Besides, I can always cut the mullet off later anyways… lol.”

Kenna (Admin) “Definitely the overalls. I could rock those things, but the mullet…. not so much…lol.”

Jolene (Admin) “I probably would go with the overalls, cause am not sure if I would really like the mullet (it fits Eugene though).”

  1. Care to share some of your favorite graphics or memes from Ricks Chicks?


This was posted a couple of weeks ago and got around 1,500 shares….which made Ricks Chicks history. That’s the first meme that I’ve ever made that has gotten that many shares on my page. And then the people that shared it on their pages got tons of shares on their Pages too….so I was very proud…lol.”


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