10 Questions from a Dead Girl with Shawn Owen

10 Questions from a Dead Girl with Shawn Owen

Shawn Owen from Walking Dead Inside talks memes, zombie apocalypse plans and more in this week’s round of 10 Questions from a Dead Girl

If you belong to any TWD Facebook groups or are a part of the #TWDFamily on Twitter, you’re certain to have already seen the work of Shawn Owen. He and his wife Mari run Walking Dead Inside, a Facebook page with more than 51,000 followers. From heartwarming to hysterical, their memes are always original and unique, and they consistently go viral. Shawn was good enough to answer 10 of my questions this week. Read on to see what he had to say–


1. How did Walking Dead Inside get started?

We were both helping friends on their pages, so we thought we would like to have our own page. We like to make memes, and 90% of our page is original content made by us. And we can run our own page as we see fit.


2. Who’s your favorite character and why?

Favorite character would be Rick, I chose Rick because of the story that comes from his character. From being a husband, father, and a leader. A man in that position has a lot of difficult decisions to make for the greater good of the group and his family. It’s great watching the outcome of his choices.


3. Which character is most meme worthy?

Daryl Dixon memes get the best response from the fans, followed by Rick. So most of our memes center around the two of them. It’s really hard to say which is most worthy.


4. Who would you rather face off against: The Governor or Rick?

If I had to face off between The Governor or Rick I choose Rick because he has more to lose and is a bit more predictable.


5. Rick and Jessie or Rick and Lori?

Rick and Lori


6. Gabriel: walker food or redeemable?

Gabriel in my opinion is Walker food. He has proved himself to be untrustworthy.


7. Who’s creepier: Walker Sophia or Alive Lizzie?              

Definitely Alive Lizzie haha.


8. If the ZA happened, which location from the show would you choose as your home?

I think the prison would make for a great safe haven. No matter what you choose though in that life, somebody is always going to want what is yours and not theirs.


9. Which character, alive or dead, would you want as your ZA partner?

I would like to have Glenn as a partner in the ZA. He is good at everything he does and is capable of doing things that others can not.

10. Care to show a couple of your all-time favorite memes from Walking Dead Inside?






Many thanks to Shawn Owen for being this week’s guest on 10 Questions from a Dead Girl! If you’re not already, make sure you like Walking Dead Inside for more memes and great content, and follow them on Twitter.


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