10 Questions From a Dead Girl with The Dead Connection

51 (1)    10 Questions From a Dead Girl with The Dead Connection


The team from The Dead Connection shares their origin story, makes predictions and looks back on previous seasons in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl


With a huge ensemble cast, two television shows and a comics series in The Walking Dead universe, it seems that every day there is news breaking. For fans that want to keep up with it all, that could mean scouring the Internet and stalking social media, or it could simply involve taking a trip over to The Dead Connection.


One of favorite TWD breaking news sites, The Dead Connection stays up to date on what’s going on in the world of the dead so that you don’t have to. Their team consists of Allie, Carrie, Jessie and Stephen, and the four of them are excellent reporters as well as great people. This week, I asked them all 10 Questions From a Dead Girl.



  1. So how did The Dead Connection get started?

Carrie: I speak for all of us on this one. The Dead Connection started as 3 friends taking a trip to Senoia, GA and to “Terminus” in Atlanta, May of 2014.  We had so much fun, that we decided to make our excursions a regular event.  It started with Allie, myself (Carrie) and Jessie (who is a blogger already). We had the idea to form a site for fellow fans of TWD. We hired an attorney, formed an LLC and The Dead Connection was born. We brought Stephen on board in September 2015.

We still go back to Senoia a few times during the summer months but mostly attend conventions to meet and talk with the actors.

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  1. Which character are you most concerned about as we go into Season 7?

Jessie: Abraham, Glenn and Eugene!


Carrie: I am most concerned about Glenn’s fate. As a comic reader, I know how it ends for him.  I love his character and would hate to see him get “Lucilled.”


Allie: Abraham! He is my favorite character from the comic, I just have a bad feeling that Negan will try to make an example out of him being the biggest and strongest from the group. He could be a huge help in the fight against Negan so there’s a reason he may have been chosen as the victim in the lineup. I am also worried for Glenn. It’s going to be horrible and gut-wrenching no matter whomever is the on the receiving end of Lucille.


Stephen: The character I’m most concerned about as we head into Season 7 would probably have to be Abraham. He’s this big tough guy who’s all about business and honest to the point so much it comes off as crude & arrogant, but then you see the humanity in him that’s been thru so much. Everyone knows Rick lost Lori, but Abraham lost his WHOLE family, then found hope in Eugene just to have that stripped away as well–I really felt his hopelessness. The Rosita/Sasha situation was definitely unfortunate but it showed he still had love to give. No matter how hard it was to leave Rosita the way he did, he was following his heart, if that’s not signs of a man who hasn’t given up on life & hope, I don’t know what is. And now to see him not only still with the crew but trying to make life better for himself and those around him is quite impressive and I for one would hate to see his story end.

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  1. What line or moment on the show made you laugh the most?

Jessie: I don’t recall a particular moment. Abraham always makes me laugh with his Abraham-isms and Eugene always puts a smile on my face simply by his sheer presence.


Carrie: I love Abraham’s one liners.  “You would have better luck picking up a turd by the clean end.”  I think we can all learn something from that statement!


Allie: Yeah, the Abraham-isms are the best. Although, Eugene can give him a run for his money with his quick thinking! My personal favorite is him speaking fondly of his magical mullet, “The feeling of the billowy curtain catching the breeze some days was straight-up bliss. But brass tacks – The hair doesn’t make the man, the man makes the man.

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  1. I know you guys like to visit Senoia. What can you tell fans about the town?

Carrie:  Ah Senoia, my home away from home, my happy place! The town itself is breathtaking.  Even if TWD was not filmed there, I would still go visit.  The food is amazing, the shops are everything from high end boutiques to antique stores.  Most of all, I LOVE going to The Woodbury Shoppe.  We have made friends there and enjoy hanging out and doing some shopping.  There is a great TWD museum on the lower level. If you haven’t been there, it’s a must see for all TWD fans. We did a live broadcast from the museum and a street view recently


Jessie: The town is so very charming. We spend most of our time there in the downtown area. It is a single strip with buildings on each side. It is Woodbury. Of course, there is the official Walking Dead Store….which is awesome!! It has a great little museum in the basement, too. The town itself offers some great dining and shopping. We love to grab lunch and then later grab some pie and coffee at the Senoia Coffee Shop. The shops are great, too. They are very unique and eclectic. When you get down to the end of the strip you can look across the train tracks and see the walls of Alexandria-so that is so cool!


Allie: Senoia is not only special to me because of TWD but because of the great memories I have spending time with Carrie, Jessie & Stephen.


  1. Which episode from Season 6 was your favorite?

Jessie: Tough question. Probably my favorite would be “No Way Out.” It was a kind of hold-your-breath episode. Of course, you couldn’t help but feel (especially in episode 8) that this season was fever pitching towards Negan and the finale.


Allie: My absolute favorite was “No Way Out.” It was so much like the comic and being an avid reader and fan of it, I was thrilled that they took so much directly from those pages. It was the only episode that I was so scared and actually screamed out loud a few times.


Stephen: Same here, favorite episode of Season 6 would be Episode 9 “No Way Out.” Being a huge fan of the Comics I loved how they stayed remarkably similar to the books and still kept it shocking and intense whether you knew the story or not. Rick and crew hands locked trying to make their way thru this mob of Walkers, Jessie and Sam meeting their demise, the “Carl Eye Scene,” brilliant Ink to Screen adaption. But, what sold me on this episode was the uniting of the people of Alexandria, when they rally and that epic slaughtering of the Walkers ensues combined with the scene of each character giving out the final blows in that fast montage of action combined with the music–it was a thing of beauty. Then the sun comes up and you REALLY see what they overcame in the light, it was exciting stuff!


Least favorite?

Jessie: I have very mixed feelings about “Last Day on Earth.” It is so funny because people always come up and start talking to me about the show and I have found that everyone has a completely different take on pretty much everything. I have those that tell me they loved the first half and hated the last half of the season and vise versa. I always find it interesting to get all these different perspectives when we are all watching the same thing.

Allie: My least favorite has to be “Slabtown.” I hated it. I thought it was a pointless arc, even though I love Erik Jensen and think he was fantastic as Dr. Edwards.

Stephen: Least favorite episode is episode 4 “Here’s Not Here,” which I hate to say because I’m a huge fan of Morgan’s and his story needed to be told, I just don’t think it should have been drawn out as long as it was.


  1. Which character has grown on you the most either as the series has progressed or when you rewatch?

Carrie: The character that has grown on me the most is Eugene.  I was so mad at him for lying, but he has really become one of my favorites because he has changed and become his own person.


Jessie: I know it isn’t an out of the box answer, but Carol and Daryl. I started out not liking either of these two characters. I found Carol weak and Daryl simply a bad person who had no compassion for anyone or anything. I think we have seen Carol come a little too full circle maybe. I think she is definitely the strongest person we know but at a great personal cost. Daryl is one of the most compassionate and selfless characters now at great personal cost. But I think it is this kind of power they have found in their vulnerability and we want to root for that. We see them rising above their circumstances, and we just want to cheer them on. I still think the whole group needs some serious therapy, unfortunately. Denise is no longer with us so hopefully we can find a good surviving therapist in the near future.


Allie: For me it was Tara. I thought she was super annoying and I was mad that she was so easily swayed by the Governor. But when she went all out and put her life on the line for Glenn to escape the prison over-run with walkers and to search for Maggie, I started to like her more and more. I like her wit and sense of humor, especially when she’s interacting with Eugene.


Stephen: The character that’s grown on me the most is Abraham and I touched on all the subjects as to why I’d hate to see him go.

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  1. Be it at a con or while near the set–which experience meeting a cast member has been most memorable for you?

Carrie: My personal favorite meeting experience was when we had cocktails with Greg Nicotero. I admire his work so much–he is a genius! We met him in Atlanta on our first Senoia adventure in 2014, and it was a surreal experience.  I managed to play it cool and not fangirl out too much.

Jessie: That one is hard. I have to say it is when it all kind of started. The very first time we went down to Senoia and then on the way back home we stopped at Terminus in Atlanta. Greg Nicotero came over and talked to us. Then, Steven Yeun stopped in the rain to come over and take a pic. The first con when we met Norman was cool (from what I can remember!) I do remember he took my hand and he called me cutie and then I giggled like a dork. Michael Cudlitz is always charming and I always enjoy talking to him and Josh McDermitt.

Allie: For me meeting any of the actors is always a treat. I confess, I went full on fangirl the first time I met Michael Cudlitz (I may or may not have forgotten my own name!) But, the most special things that stand out in my mind was hosting the Closure Panel discussion with David Morrissey and Scott Wilson at Walker Stalker Atlanta 2015 and getting to meet Robert Kirkman. Both of those were once in a lifetime experiences that I will treasure always.

Stephen: All the cast I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are more than awesome. Nicest people. I know he’s not a “cast member,” but meeting Robert Kirkman was definitely an amazing experience! He was so cool, down to earth–didn’t mind answering anything you had to ask. If there was a question he couldn’t or didn’t want to answer he went about it in a way that didn’t come across as rude or condescending, most of the time, making you laugh with a quirky response. He’s very relatable almost like he’s talking to you as if you were a buddy of his. He’s quick on his feet and very intelligent in a way that’s still understandable to the fans. Very magnetic personality!

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  1. What’s one thing you want everyone to know about The Dead Connection?

Jessie: That TDC is an informative and fun source for TWD fans. We want to be seen as is a class act. We want to be as respectful as we can of all aspects of the fandom.


Allie: We love TWD and are fans, first and foremost. We love what we do and have a fantastic time reporting and doing our autograph giveaways each month. I love it when people come up and introduce themselves and say they follow us on social media or they check the site–it just makes my heart sing! We have made so many friends in the last year and are so thankful for where we are today. Shout out to our friends at Walker Nation, Dave, Liz & Christina!


Stephen: What I would want everyone to know about The Dead Connection is that we’re a family, I came in a little later but we all made a connection (Ironic huh? Lol) when we each met. The girls are like sisters to me and they push me to accomplish things I never would have thought of. We have a blast but I love that we all are big on professionalism and respect. Becoming a part of this team was really special for me because I saw what the girls had already done and accomplished and wanted to be a part of it. And yes, it’s awesome to get out here and meet these celebrities and cast members, but I LOVE meeting other fans and hearing their stories, their theories, their views and feelings about the direction of the show, comics and fandom.

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  1. Any predictions about what will happen on the FTWD mid-season finale?

Jessie: Nope, I am behind on FTWD. I plan on binge watching.


Allie: I hope everyone makes it out of Baja alive or they take the compound and stay there for a while. It’s getting really intense!! I am not 100% sure Victor Strand isn’t up to something still, I don’t trust him yet! It’s a totally different story from The Walking Dead so I really enjoy watching it. Those floating walkers really freak me out.

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  1. Why do you think The Walking Dead has been able to become a phenomenon?

Jessie: I think it is a few things….I think certain things tend to get hot. We are coming off the vampire trend with Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, for example and I think the zombie trend was already starting to be a thing; of course, excellent acting, directing and writing. Engaging characters that make you feel something towards them beyond like or dislike. You have empathy or disdain or pity or anger. You become involved personally. You care about outcomes. I think the special effects are great. I also love the fact this is set in the South. I think the southern landscapes have added a certain unspoken dynamic to the show.


Carrie: I think TWD is a so popular because it’s not just about the Walkers and the end of the world.  It’s about survival and retaining humanity.


Allie: I’ve been a fan of the comic for years, so when I heard it was going to be made into a TV show I was very skeptical. From the minute the show started I was hooked! It was so well done! They built on the strong characters from the comic and added other compelling characters, like Daryl, and changed up others, like Carol, to make this a story that you can’t get enough of. The writing is fantastic!


Stephen: The fans are The Walking Dead Phenomenon! We’re so passionate about the characters and this amazing story. We throw around the term TWD Family and that’s truly what it is, a Family. You meet these people, whether it be through Social Media or otherwise, and chances are if you go to Cons you’re going meet them face to face there. I was overwhelmed at the people I met and already knew at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. Even in the big city of New York, at the Season 6 Premiere at Madison Square Garden and then at Walker Stalker Con NY/NJ 2015, I was amazed at all the familiar faces around. It feels great to be approached with “Hey you’re Stephen from The Dead Connection right?” especially being so far away from home and in a big city, it really shows the connection we, as fans, have and it’s priceless! I credit the success and phenomenon to the fans whole-heartedly!


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For more of The Dead Connection, check out their site and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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