10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Travis Royster

13230749_1313729325309313_1233940534_o10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Travis Royster

Travis Royster talks volunteering at WSC, recruiting TWD characters for the military and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl

A trip to Walker Stalker Con is a TWD fan’s dream come true. You won’t find more stars from the show all in one place anywhere, giving you a chance to score autographs, take some selfies and pose for professional photo-ops next to the actors and actresses that you love. You can end up with quite the wish list of people that you want to stop and say hi to, and with only two or sometimes three days to get it all done, it can be a little overwhelming.

When I attended WSC Nashville I was fortunate enough to have someone by my side to help me out–Travis Royston, one of Walker Staker Con’s volunteers, who was my platinum guide. That’s him in the picture above with Emily Kinney and yours truly.

Not only did Travis make our weekend smooth sailing, but he’s a super fan and a great guy with a lot of good insight about the show. This week, I asked him 10 Questions From a Dead Girl–


  1. So how exactly do you get to be a WSC volunteer?


I’d like to make it sound like some sort of awesome selection process, but it’s really as simple as going to the specific event location on the main page and volunteering. I originally looked at the event to buy tickets but I saw the ‘Be a volunteer tab’ and decided that it would probably be more fun. I was on a closed group conversation for the volunteers and I think I asked a question and said “Ma’am.’ The next day one of the staff members named Amber messaged me and asked me to be a platinum guide because I had manners. I’ve been hooked as a volunteer since!



  1. Which cast member did you enjoy meeting the most while volunteering at the cons?


I think that’s a toss-up between Michael Cudlitz and Kyla Kenedy. Cudlitz is a jokester like me and Kyla is super sweet and personable.



  1. As an Air Force recruiter, which TWD character would you pick to recruit–besides Abe who has military training?


Hmmm, good question. The Air Force is always looking for special operators so I think I’d try and break out my sales skills on Daryl. He has the mental grit, strength and perseverance to be part of that .01%



  1. On the flip side, which one would you be least likely to choose?


I think that would have to be Carl. Not only is he physically disqualified for missing an eye, but he’s also a little mentally unstable.



  1. They say no one’s safe on TWD. If Rick happened to be the one to get Lucilled, who do you think would become the new leader?


I think the throne should be passed down to his queen, Michonne. She has a ton of leadership qualities and is liked by everyone in Alexandria. Not to mention, she wields a katana!


Travis and the other platinum guides with the cast at WSC Nashville 2016


  1. Let’s play screw, marry, kill–Andrea, Lori and Madison!


Lol. I’d probably kill Lori, she’s a little too difficult and demanding for me. I’d definitely screw Andrea because she’s hot and blonde and I’d wife Madison for a variety of reasons. She’s smart, pretty, can defend herself, is a good mom and has a southern twang.



  1. Which post apocalypse haircut would you prefer to have for the rest of your life–Eugene’s mullet, Carl’s long ‘do or Nick’s…whatever you want to call that?


Well, I’m not really into the post apocalyptic Nick fro, and Carl’s hair should be illegal. I think I’d stick true to my hillbilly roots and rock that Kentucky waterfall like a champ.



  1. Why do you think Fear the Walking Dead has had a harder time getting a following than The Walking Dead?


TWD was the first show of its kind and I think maybe some of the diehard fans have a hard time grasping the concept of a new show. Also, Fear TWD is driving a lot of us nuts because of the way the characters handle certain situations. We’ve all seen TWD and know exactly what they’d do, so when we see the new characters on Fear do something nutty it drives us crazy!



  1. You’re now the star of one of those action buddy movies. Which TWD character is your sidekick and why?


Definitely Glenn!



  1. Who’s the most underrated character on TWD?


I gotta say Eugene. He might have lied about knowing the secret cure to the Walker plague but he’s still super smart and has the potential to be as bad ass as everyone else. With the current state of the world, innovators like him will be the key to the future. Anyone can learn how to kill walkers or battle, but there will be very few that are as highly dependent and resourceful as Eugene.

Want more Travis? Check him out on Snapchat at wtroyster! And stop back next week to see who’s answering 10 Questions From a Dead Girl next.

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