10 Questions from a Dead Girl with Walker Actor Robert Hunt

10 Questions from a Dead Girl with Walker Actor Robert Hunt

Actor Robert Hunt gives us the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a walker in this week’s edition of 10 TWD Questions from a Dead Girl

You don’t see their names on the opening credits, and you likely wouldn’t recognize them if you passed by them on the street, but the actors and actresses who play walkers on The Walking Dead have one of the most difficult and important jobs on the show. Portraying a walker takes hard work and incredible skill, and I recently got the chance to talk to someone who knows that firsthand–Robert Hunt! He’s my special guest for this week’s installment of 10 TWD Questions from a Dead Girl–


  1. How did you end up on the show? Was there an audition?


For about a year or two since I found out about the show, I would put in for casting calls that the casting company will post about a month or two before the actual filming begins. Around January of last year, I did my first background gig, which was “Antman.”


Then, shortly after that I got onto a James Franco Film called “In Dubious Battle,” which starred A-list actors, people I never thought I would be in the same area as. That filming lasted about a month. It was then on the last Thursday of filming, I was standing in the catering tent when the email came onto my screen about if I had any interest in coming to Zombie School for “The Walking Dead.”


Well of course, I was a little shocked, and I was lucky to be around some of the other walkers who did the show so they told me “YES, you better do it! You would be stupid not to!”


So in April, I believe, I went through Zombie School, which is the audition with Greg. He sees who the stars are going to be, and the ones who just aren’t the right type. It lasts about 30 minutes, and you go home and hope that they call you back, which they did in my case.


  1. How long does it take to get into the makeup? How about out of it?


So make-up depends on what type of walker you are. There are a few different levels of walkers which are: Hero, Mid-plus, Mids, Mask and then in the very back–the deeps. Hero takes sometimes 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the makeup they are doing. Mid-plus takes about an hour or little less. Mask takes no time. Mids take about 10-15 minutes–they are just spray painted with the makeup, so it takes very short time. Deeps have no make up–just clothes.


Hero take about 30 minutes to get out of make-up. Mids take about 15 minutes. Mid-plus takes about 30 minutes, and mask and deep–no time at all.


  1. Which previously aired episodes should we look for you in?


I was in the season Premiere also eating Nick in the episode “Thank You.” I will be in 6B in February when it airs and also in the hords of a few others.


  1. As an actor, how do you approach playing a being that’s not able to think? What do you focus on or think about to stay in character?


We are told on set to think like a guy coming out of the bar at 2am who has had a few drinks. You are there, but your mind isn’t. Also your walk is a little off, but not falling down. You can’t stay walking in a straight line. So you are wandering around some. That helped more then anything.


  1. How long did it take to shoot the scene in the photo above?


That scene took around 15 minutes. All three of us nailed it!


  1. What exactly are you eating in that scene, and how much did you have to eat?


It’s a mix of pork, beef and blood that is made up by The Walking Dead. The recipe is a secret, and even the Walkers don’t know what it is. They tell us not to actually eat it, so we put it in our mouths, chew, spit it out in our hands and off camera throw it down onto the table thing they made.


  1. If any character, past or present, were to “kill” you in a scene, who would you want it to be and why?


Darryl, duh who else?!? I mean that’s everyone’s dream.


  1. Which character, past or present, would you choose to bite?


Ron, I hate that kid.


  1. What helped you get where you are today?


Eh, it was following my dream and not giving up. I have been wanting to either be in front or behind a camera since I was little and knew one day I would. Here, I’m having millions of people watch me eat people. I mean that’s the life, right?


  1. How can fans contact you?


I love my fans!


@zombieroberth on Twitter


Robert TWD Walker Hunt on Facebook


Also I have a P.O. box they can send things to:


Robert Hunt

Po Box 52264

Atlanta, GA 30355



Thanks so much to Robert Hunt for telling us what it’s like to be a walker!

Be sure to stop back next week to see who’ll be interviewed next!!

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