10 TWD Questions From a Dead Girl With Hercules Handy

10 TWD Questions From a Dead Girl With Hercules Handy

In our first edition of 10 TWD Questions From a Dead Girl, Hercules Handy talks favorite characters, surviving the apocalypse and what he thinks is ahead in The Walking Dead with Bicycle Girl


Some TWD comic readers might think of Shiva the Tiger when they think of big cats in The Walking Dead, but she’s not the biggest cat  in our TWD Family. With a massive following on Twitter, Ryan the Lion, also known as Hercules Handy, serves up great content and hilarious memes on a regular basis. He’s also an administrator for the Walking Dead, Zombies Group on Facebook, which has more than 7,000 members. I’m not sure even Simba has a following as big as Hercules Handy!

Recently, I subjected him to 10 lightning round questions for our brand new weekly TWD feature. Here we go:


  1. Favorite TWD character?


Rick Grimes. I love how ruthless he can be. That’s how it would be in an Apocalypse.


  1. If you could have dinner with one cast member, who would you choose and why?


Melissa McBride (Carol) because she’s such a great actress, and I’d love to just hear how she became so successful. She’s honestly the best actor on TWD in my opinion along with Cudlitz and Andy Lincoln


  1. Pick your zombie apocalypse weapon.


A katana like Michonne has. I figure I could find plenty of guns along the way, but it’s not every day that you find a katana. The stealth of a katana can really come in “Handy” in an Apocalypse.


  1. How did you start watching TWD?


I started watching #TWD because I had seen the previews and I was already infatuated with the undead.


  1. If Negan kills someone in the Season Finale, who would you choose for it to be?


If Negan kills someone I’d like for it to be Morgan. I’m tired of Morgan thinking everyone can be saved like that wolf. He’s gonna get people killed.


  1. Hottest character?


Lauren Cohan. “Maggie” Is the hottest she’s beautiful ❤


  1. Who do you miss more: Hershel or Dale?




  1. Who would you rather babysit: Sam or Lizzie?


Sam. At least I know he’ll stay in his room and draw pictures. Lizzie will be running around with walkers playing hide and go seek.


  1. Who would you rather face in a fight: Morgan or Rick?


Morgan. He would just beat the fuck out of me with his stick and let me go. Rick wouldn’t hesitate to kill maaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy


Warning–our final question refers to the comics plot and contains predictions. If you don’t like to know what happens in the comics, take a look at these memes from Hercules Handy, follow him on Twitter, find him on Facebook and then go on your way!





  1. Predictions for Episode 609?

Predictions are we’ll see the No Way out comic book scene. Sam hollers, “Mom Mom” like a dumbass, and he’ll get swarmed by walkers. Jessie will try saving him while not letting go of Carl’s arm. Rick will chop her arm off, in madness Ron will shoot at Rick but hit Carl’s eye instead. Michonne will kill Ron, and Rick will go absolutely Inshane.


Be sure to stop back next week for another edition of 10 TWD Questions From a Dead Girl. And for more Bicycle Girl, check me out on Facebook or on Twitter!

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