11 Questions We’re Asking About The Walking Dead Season 8

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

11 Questions We’re Asking About The Walking Dead Season 8


So many tantalizing loose threads were left dangling after Season Seven, with so many ways in which the storylines could develop; should make for a great new season. Never mind summer—roll on October, and the answers to these questions!


1. What is Eugene’s fate, and does Negan still trust him? Do we?



Right at the end of Season 7, Negan questioned Eugene about how Sasha turned up Walker in that coffin—and clearly didn’t believe him. Will he have to prove his loyalty by working against Alexandria? When push comes to shove, will he remain fully ‘Negan’, or dig deep for that little brave part of him buried in his pocket beneath the grembly gunk?


2. Will Dwight work against Negan with the Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom alliance?



Can he be trusted? I think so—and don’t forget that ‘DIDN’T KNOW’ message he left, to let our group know that he was not in on the Scavengers’ treachery. I’ve always thought that ‘Dwighty-Boy’ would turn out good in the end, but will it be the death of him? And if so, at whose hands? Daryl’s vowed to kill him whatever, but I don’t think he will…


3. What IS Gregory up to?



Last seen asking Kal to drive him ‘somewhere’, ie, to wherever Simon is… but what awaits him there, apart from a few glasses of tequila? Will he try to make a deal to save his own skin?


4. Could Dr. Carson help from the inside?



Now that he’s been taken by Negan to work at the Sanctuary, he’s got to keep a low profile. But he seems to have more guts than his predecessor—could he be Rick’s inside man? Or will he be swayed into full Neganism by the cardamom gelato?


5. Will Oceanside join the fight?



Although Natania, leader of the all-female coastal community, vowed that they would not get involved, it was clear that many of them, like Cyndie and Beatrice, were all for it. The alliance needs them—will they be persuaded to join in?


6. Can Morgan ‘clear’?



Morgan’s in a dark, dark place after the death of Benjamin. Now he’s rejected his ‘all life is precious’ ethos, has he hurtled back down the pit in which he lived after Duane died, or can he come to terms with all that’s happened and be a valuable member of the cause? Carol seems to be back on form, but Morgan is über-fragile.


7. What will be the role of Jadis and her group in the all-out-war?



Seems like the Scavengers are guns-for-hire; if Rick can offer them a better deal, could they turn against Negan? Then again, are they ever to be trusted? I’m hoping this group doesn’t have long to go in the show…


8. Have we seen the last of Sherry?



The letter she left Dwight when she escaped the Sanctuary made it sound as if she was gone for good, but could she have a change of heart and go back to fight against Negan? She’s already shown that, unlike most, she will stand up to him. And she has one big advantage: Negan thinks she’s dead.


9. Will all communities stay in one place in case of an attack?



The alliance’s weak point is a lack of manpower, made weaker still by the distance dividing the communities. Will the strongest fighters remain at Alexandria? Together they are strong – separated, they can all be easily overcome by Negan.


10. What DID happen to Heath?



The last we saw of him was hastily-made tire tracks escaping from the Walkers on the bridge when Tara went back to look for him after Oceanside. Did he melt into the ether to become Eric Carter (in 24 Legacy!) forever, or is Heath still out there, somewhere? I hope so—I really liked his character.


11. Will Daryl EVER have some love in his life?



Four Walking Dead years on, and Daryl is still alone and celibate, give or take the odd hug. Come on, producers, find us a good woman worthy of our favorite post-apocalyptic warrior. We promise we won’t be too-oo jealous … and we’d still all love it to be Carol (even though there is Ezekiel to consider). Then again, Maggie’s baby could do with a father…


Do you have any theories about any of the questions? And are there any others you want to see answered in The Walking Dead Season Eight? We’re counting down the days!


  1. Loved the article, Terry!!

  2. I think Eugene and Dr Carson will work from the inside against Negan and his men making a lethal concoction too poison them all through food or water
    I think Eugene will come good.
    And yes would love to see Daryl find love preferably Carol she would look after him.

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