10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Carla Grimes


10 Questions From a Dead Girl With Carla Grimes


Carla Grimes talks post-apocalyptic hairstyles, retail opportunities, cuisine and more in this 10 Questions From a Dead Girl



From Jesus’ beard to Judith, Twitter is full of TWD accounts, but you’d be hard pressed to find one as funny and clever as Carla Grimes. Rick’s sassy, hilarious sister is a member of #TWDFamily everyone should follow, and she gave some truly epic Christmas gifts as a part of our 12 Days feature during the holiday season. I’m glad to say she’s back on the blog answering 10 of my questions.



  1. What’s the first thing you’ll say to Rick if and when you’ll find him?


First thing I’ll say to Ricky? “Call Mom.” I’m tired of makin’ excuses for him and nobody believes that “I was locked in a train car” story.



  1. Rick’s lived in a lot of places since the start of the apocalypse. Where do you prefer to call home?


Right now, I’m holed up in an abandoned house I found in Peachtree City. I’ll never leave Georgia. I was born here and I’ll likely die here. At least I’ll be home.



  1. Who was the better match for Rick: Lori, Jessie or Michonne?


Of those choices, I’d say Michonne. She won’t play head-games with him and she won’t need to be saved constantly. Also, she can kick his ass when he needs it. She’s the first chick I really approve of. As for Lori, don’t get me started…



  1. How would you handle that whole Negan eenie miney moe game?


Well, first, I would probably piss my pants. But then, I would probably act like I fainted and play possum. Maybe it would create confusion for a moment and buy some time. At worst, Negan would choose me and I wouldn’t see it comin.’ If he doesn’t pick me then he better watch what he eats from now on cuz I’ll poison that bastard first chance I get.



  1. What’s your opinion of the hairstyle your nephew is sporting these days?


Carl can grow his hair to his ass as long as he stays alive. Plus, I’ve always wanted a little niece.



  1. Let’s say you could eliminate one of the members of Team Family to claim a spot on the show. Who would you pick?


That’s an impossible question! Is your middle name Negan?



  1. Eugene’s level 1 hairstyle was the classic mullet. Level 2–ponytail. Any advice on what his Level 3 ‘do should be?


Cornrows, obvs.



  1. If you were going to open up a shop in Woodbury, what would you “sell”? Who would you hire to work in your store?


I’d open up a shop called “Shiners.” I’m really into brewing craft moonshine these days. Ricky doesn’t like to talk about it but along with fighting in WW2, our grandpa was an expert moonshiner. I took an interest and he showed me a few thangs. You gotta understand, shine has more uses than just drinkin.’ It’s a powerful disinfectant and pain killer in a pinch. My employees would need to be more like Milton and less like Merle.



  1. What’s your favorite post-apocalyptic meal?


My favorite meal these days is any wild greens and mushrooms I can find. My Gramma taught me there’s always somethang growin’ out there if you know what you’re lookin’ for: polk salad, collards, chard, green onions. And it’s all organic! The apocalypse has made me a full-on vegan, ya’ll!


  1. I love your Pop! Vinyl scenes. Care to share a couple of your favorites?

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