7 Theories on Who Is Honking the Horn in The Walking Dead

601-037 Theories on Who Is Honking the Horn in The Walking Dead

The season 6 premiere ended not on a high note but on a long, echoing low one. It felt like the sound of the horn continued to ring in my ears long after the credits rolled, but when it faded, I was able to hear my fellow TWD fans voicing the same question both right in the same room with me and virtually online…who was blowing that horn?


This meme provides one possible scenario:


Of course, I strongly doubt that a rogue cat is responsible for foiling Rick’s master plan to lure the walker herd away from Alexandria. So who is? Let’s take a look at a few theories.


7 Theories on the TWD Horn Blower



1. The Wolves

The Theory

In the season 5 finale, the Wolves who killed red poncho man discovered Aaron’s photographs, and we were treated to the ominous site of that ruined car that read, “Wolves Not Far.” The Wolves could potentially have arrived at Alexandria and used the horn to draw the walkers to the walls in hopes of overrunning the town so they could invade. We know the Wolves like to lay traps with walkers, so this totally seems like it would be their style.

The Problem With It: Lack of Knowledge

How exactly would the Wolves know that at that exact moment Rick and the others were leading walkers away from the town? They would have to have been spying on them. They could have a plant in the town, perhaps. It’s also theoretically possible they were watching them, but I think it would take quite a bit of mental gymnastics to figure out what they were doing. I know I had a difficult time making out the exact plan observing their preparations myself during the episode.

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Somewhat likely.

Barring a spy in the midst of the camp, I don’t think it’s one of the wolves actually honking the horn.



2. Ron Anderson

The Theory

Angsty child of porchdick has decided to earn his own nickname “horndick” by ruining Rick’s plan. He’s already shown that he’s really talented at making piss poor decisions like heading off into the woods armed only with that stupid beanie hat of his. Jessie also made it pretty clear that Rick is at the very top of Ron’s shit list.

The Problem With It: Sense of Self Preservation.

Surely, Ronny boy doesn’t think he can survive an onslaught of walkers. You would think he could maybe figure out it wasn’t such a good idea to call them to the town.

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Somewhat likely.

Then again, he is Porchdick’s kid. So maybe all bets are off. For a doctor, daddy didn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.



3. Gabriel Stokes

The Theory

Revered traitor is butt hurt over Rick shooting him down so stupendously at the meeting. As revenge, he sounds the horn, hoping to put Rick and the others in danger. He’s already shown he has some suicidal tendencies by going off walker hunting (and then crying about it,) and we know he won’t hesitate to betray Rick.

The Problems With It: Lack of Balls

If he’s not completely suicidal and doesn’t plan on hurling himself headlong into a pack of walkers when they come crawling through the gates, Gabe would have to know that Rick would murder him slowly and painfully if he gets caught.

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Unlikely

Although I find it hard to trust any man who manages to keep his shirt so white in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, I think Father Dick is innocent–this time.



4. Enid — Accidentally


The Theory

The preview and the extended sneak peek that aired during Talking Dead show Carl’s maybe girlfriend in a car. Could she have wandered out to commune with nature or whatever the Hell she does when she goes over the wall, gotten trapped and started honking for help, unknowingly drawing walkers?


The Problems With It: Length of the Honk. Also, Too Easy.

That was one Hell of a long honk. It didn’t really sound like the panicked flailing of a terrified teenage girl who needs help. The fact that the previews showed her in the car seems like a classic TWD misdirect, too. You know what I mean– they make it look like something completely different is going to happen on the next episode.


Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Possible.

This one has potential, but it might be too obvious.


5. Enid — Intentionally

The Theory

Enid is a spy for the Wolves or some other group of assholes. She sneaks off in the woods not because she’s a weirdo or some careless thrill-seeker who craves danger but because she’s meeting up with someone to give them briefings. Knowing about the plan, she is seizing the opportunity to overrun the town so that the Wolves or whoever she is working for can take it.

The Problems With It: Distance, Time, The Photos

The Wolves seem rather far away for them to have a spy all the way in Alexandria. If she is a spy, why have they waited so long to try and take the town? Also, if the wolves have a spy then why did they need to find Aaron’s pictures? Just so they’d know someone from there escaped their trap?

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Possible

Something ain’t right about that girl, that’s for sure. This would solve the problem of how the Wolves would know to honk as well.

Bonus Theory:

It could also be possible that she’s a spy for The Hilltop Community, perhaps. We know Jesus from the comics has been cast for this season. Even though they’re a friendly community in the comics, could they maybe just want to keep an eye on Alexandria? Could the new path of the walkers be unknowingly leading the walkers toward them, so Enid or even the residents of the Hilltop Community are trying to lead them away? That one might be too crazy but who knows!


6. DeAnna Monroe/Spencer Monroe/Aaron/Another Ally from Alexandria

The Theory

The Wolves randomly attack when Rick and the others are gone. In danger of losing the town, one of the good folks of Alexandria sounds a horn to try and bring the others home to protect it.


The Problems With It: Soooo Many Walkers

Shit would have to have gotten very real for anyone with half a brain to be willing to risk drawing all those walkers.

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: Unlikely.

The townspeople may have the naivete of children but they don’t seem completely stupid.



7. Bicycle Girl


The Theory

Enraged over the fact that Rick stole her bike in the pilot, the spirit of Bicycle Girl honks a ghostly horn from the great beyond.


The Problems With It: Spirits don’t have solid hands to honk stuff and thangs with. Also, the idea makes no sense.

Bicycle Girl’s Overall Take: I’m never getting my bike back.


So what do you guys think about these theories–the serious ones, anyway? Weigh in in the comments section.


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