8 Reasons Why I Love The Walking Dead

8 Reasons Why I Love The Walking Dead


(and why I can’t wait for Season 8!)

1. The acting. Every single character is excellent. Have to say I think Andrew Lincoln is the best of the lot; I remembered him from UK series This Life about 25 years ago, and when I first saw that he was doing zombie apocalypse I thought, what? That nice little chap who played the shy solicitor? But how he’s developed… he’s always 100% convincing, as are they all.

2. It’s never predictable. Despite all the spoiler articles, all the guesswork, and even the comic books, we never know exactly what’s going to happen, or how it’s going to be played out—and I’m not just talking about who Negan is going to kill next!

3. The small details, like the clever little threads from the past. Examples?

  1. When Morgan is in ‘quarantine’ at Alexandria in S6:1 (First Time Again!), Rick says to him, “I ask, you answer, it’s common courtesy, right?”—Morgan said those very words to him, in the first ever episode.
  2. Also in S1:1, Glenn calls Rick ‘dumbass’; when he’s trapped in the tank. Fast forward to S6:3, when Rick is running back to the RV in Operation Quarry, Glenn pops up on the radio again, and says ‘Good luck, dumbass.’

4. The dialogue. It’s perfect. Always totally in character, never explaining stuff too much, always sharp and economical. Dear departed Abraham had some of the best lines, of course, along with Eugene, and Negan, and Simon, and Gregory, and… and…



5. No gratuitous sex scenes. Okay, so we see a little bit of passionate stuff now and again, but not the explicit, no-holds-barred grinding away that you get in practically ever other show these days. In TWD, the characterization and acting is so good that you feel all the love and passion without wondering if you’ve clicked onto a porno channel by accident!



6. It’s not schmaltzy. The emotion is real, and often portrayed just by the expression on the face, or just one line. All Daryl had to say to Carol was ‘”Why did you go?”, with that slight break in his voice, and it said everything. Perfect.



7. Even the minor characters are fully-rounded and interesting. It’s so important in any fiction to have minor characters who are as compelling as the main ones. Think Mitch Dolgen in Season 4 (total waste of the fab Kirk Acevedo to kill him off after two episodes!), some of the Saviours like Laura, Jared, and the is-he-a-nice-guy-really Gavin … then there’s the Kingdom soldiers, background Alexandrians like Scott—they could all slip into main characterdom, with ease.



8. Kick-ass women! Michonne is my heroine, but I love the way Carol grew from abused wife to sharp-thinking warrior, how Rosita learned how to do all the ‘guy stuff’ and does relationships on her terms, and how Maggie shows feminine at its best ~ strong and maternal, but never weak. Sasha, Enid, Francine, Beth ~ we love you all 🙂


  1. Loved the article, Terry! Ditto!!

  2. Thanks, Judy! Not long now…!!

  3. I love TWD too! Totally been obsessed with the show for oh since the start! Andrew Lincoln is also my favorite, has been since day #1. My second fav. is Daryl and my third fav. is Michonne 🙂 Also I have been a “Richonne” shipper since season 3 episode “clear” so I screamed when AMC finally gave that to us fans!! What makes it even better is that it wasn’t just a hook up either, they are totally in love with each other! SO obviously meant to be! Not sure if you have Twitter but if you do follow me! My twitter handle is “NHJMC”, I follow back too!
    I LOVEEEEEE talking TWD no like really it’s my life pretty much!

  4. I started watching TWD bc Andrew Lincoln. (Love Actually) stayed bc show acting and all you said. Thank you

    • Thanks, Loretta, the pleasure is mine – and NHJMC above – I shall look on Twit to see if we are following!

      Roll on this weekend!

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