8 Things Bicycle Girl Is Looking Forward to in TWD 6B

8 Things I’m Looking Forward to from TWD 6B

Bicycle Girl shares what she’s excited about with the mid season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 less than one month away.


Well guys, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and I couldn’t be more excited. No, I don’t have a hot date with my bike planned for the night. I’ll be glued to my TV watching The Walking Dead mid season premiere.


Here’s what I’m looking forward to when our favorite show returns:


8. Maggie and Glenn’s Reunion


Glenn’s one unlucky bastard. He watched Noah and Nick both get devoured inches away from him. He had to hide under a dumpster, breathing in the stench of death and garbage that’s been rotting inside for who knows how long. And maybe worst of all, he’s stuck with Enid, who is about as pleasant as a toothache. I’m hoping that soon he’ll at least get to give Maggie a hug. Sadly, the trailer of her screaming GLEEEEEENNN leads me to believe I might have to wait an episode or two for this wish to come true.


7. A Morgan Solution


Okay. I don’t want to debate about whether Morgan is a rad zen martial artist who is amazingly awesome or a nutcase who replaced one form of delusion with another. People can’t agree on whether Morgan gets a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but we all have to admit, he’s getting to be a problem. I’m hoping something will get settled with him one way or another.


6. A Chance for Redemption

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Speaking of people nobody can agree on. Let’s talk about Father Gabriel. He’s been pretty well hated and maybe rightly so. It was a shit move to go to Deanna and try to get Rick and the others kicked out of the ASZ. But he seems sorry and like he’s trying to adapt to the new world and finally become an asset to the group. I’m pulling for you, Gabe! I hope you get the chance to redeem yourself.


5. The Other Side of the Cliffhanger


Of course, like everyone else, I’m eager to see how the cliffhanger gets resolved. Will Denise survive being One Direction Wolf’s prisoner? Is Abraham going to turn his new toy over to Negan’s thugs? Does Sam have to go to the bathroom or what? We’ll know in 4 weeks!


4. Daryl Being United With His Love


No, I don’t mean Carol. I mean his bow. I sort of liked that Dwight took the crossbow from Daryl being that in the comic that’s his signature weapon, but Mr. Dixon’s not the same without it. It’s almost as sad as Rick without his beard. Wait…that’s missing from my list!


3. The Ginger Hammer’s Love Triangle



I’m not always into romance in shows but, damnit, Abe is so dolphin smooth that somehow I find myself anxious to find out what will happen with him and Sasha. Rosita looks like she might have a little chemistry with Spencer, but I doubt she’s going to be happy to hear that while she was worried about him, he was off using his best pickup lines on Ms. Williams.


2. More from our ASZ Neighbors


I have a feeling some ASZ residents may become victims of the herd, but I’m sincerely hoping we’re going to get to see more of some of the town’s residents. Ross Marquand’s Aaron got to be involved in more action in 6A and I hope that continues, as he’s one of my favorite characters. I’m also really hoping that Jordan Woods-Robinson, Ann Mahoney and Merritt Wever all get more screen time as Eric, Olivia and Denise, respectively. All three characters are interesting to me, but we haven’t gotten to see enough of them.


1. 3 New Faces

Three new characters have been confirmed as coming soon in the bottom half of the season, and I’m excited for all three because they’re all compelling characters from the comics and being portrayed by amazing actors.


First there’s Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop Community. Xander Berkeley will be playing him. Take a look at his IMDB page. Chances are you’ve seen him in something before, and he always does a fantastic job of bringing characters to life.


Next there’s Paul “Jesus” Monroe, who I’m predicting is going to be a fan favorite. Jesus is my absolute favorite character from the comics, and I’m excited that Tom Payne will be playing him. If you watched Luck when it aired on HBO, you saw him in the role of jockey Leon Micheaux.


And who am I forgetting? Oh right–this guy.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Negan is coming. Kirkman has said he’ll be like an atomic bomb for the show. Judging by the comics, I’d say that might even be an understatement. Negan is like an apocalypse of a whole other kind and definitely going to be the deadliest foe the group has faced so far. Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems perfect for the role, and I have a feeling he’s going to even exceed everyone’s expectations when he picks up Lucille.


So what are you guys looking forward to in The Walking Dead 6B? Tell me in the Comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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