A Baker’s Dozen with Georgia Cribb, Miss Maggie Maybe

Georgia Cribb as Maggie Green

A Baker’s Dozen with Georgia Cribb, Miss Maggie Maybe

Remember The Walking Dead scene when Maggie saw the Governor behead her Daddy, Hershel, outside the prison fence? Yeah, that’s not Lauren Cohan above. That’s Georgia Cribb who cosplays Maggie Greene. It’s an amazing likeness. As you’ll learn in Georgia’s answers to her Baker’s Dozen of questions, she has even worked as a substitute for Lauren on The Walking Dead!

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from South Georgia, close to Statesboro. I moved to Senoia, Georgia, in September of 2017, when I was offered a job. Cosplaying has actually allowed me to move with my children and have a fresh start.

When did you realize you looked like Maggie?

I didn’t realize that I looked like Maggie until I went to Walker Stalker Con Atlanta in 2016 and people kept calling me Maggie and asking if they could take selfies with me. I was offered a professional cosplaying job while at the con.

Note: That looks like Trent Roberts as Trick Grimes in the background in this photo.

Were you a Walking Dead fan and had you been to any comicons before you start cosplaying?

I was a Walking Dead fan but I was a low key fan. I just watched the show and had collected maybe 3 of the pop figures. I had always wanted to go to both Walker Stalker con and comicon but never had found the time until that October. #momlife When I went to Megacon it seriously blew my mind and I kept getting what I lovingly call “nerdtracked” by all the different things there. Plus I got to play with lightsabers so that literally made my whole year.

What made you decide to begin cosplaying?

The cosplaying job literally fell into my lap. I was offered work with travel. I was a single mom and it paid good which in turn helped me better support my children and I got to travel and see new places and geek out at the same time. It was too good to pass up.

Source:  Dani Lee Photography

How long does it take for you to get in full wardrobe, makeup, and character?

Maybe 5 to 10 minutes. The time consuming part is the actual making of the holsters, leatherworking, etc. Once that’s made though it’s an easy and quick slip on.

Georgia as Miss Maggie Maybe with Chris Twellmann as The German Abraham, Darren Tilson as The Notorious Negan, and Pint Size Daryl.

Have you met Lauren Cohan and if so, what was her reaction?

I haven’t. She’s actually one of the only actors on the show that I haven’t met.

Have you met other The Walking Dead actors? What were their reactions to you?

I’ve met a good bit of them. Typically they do double takes when they first meet me. They’ve all been really nice.

Miss Maggie Maybe with Simon and Dwight and then with Bob.












What has been your most memorable experience as Miss Maggie Maybe?

My most memorable experience would have to be hanging out with a lot of the cast in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Unicorn Bar after the con. My boss at the time wanted everyone to go in full cosplay so it was kind of awkward and very surreal. The actors were really nice about it and welcoming though. A few of them I think knew I was feeling a little out of place so they came up and talked to me which I thought was very kind of them.

How many conventions or events do you attend each year?

I went to 7 cons altogether last year. I kind of took a hiatus though from cosplaying for a bit for personal reasons so I haven’t been to any yet this year.

Is cosplaying just a hobby or has it evolved into a career?

It depends on the month really. Technically I’m always a professional cosplayer but I only make income on it when I’m at a gig like a con or if I get a custom tour at Atlanta Movie Tours. Cosplaying has actually led to me being able to double as Maggie on the show last season which has led to me working on multiple sets as both background and crew. It’s really cool seeing the full spectrum of how a movie or show is made. I hope that one day it’ll lead to me being able to work in special effects. Time, patience and lots of learning.

This is one of the actual scenes from the show as Georgia standing in for Lauren Cohan as Maggie, holding the watch:

Source:  AMC

What has been the craziest interaction you’ve had while in cosplay?

Umm, I think that would have to be getting pictures taken of me in the back office while eating lunch between tours and some kind of out there messages on social media.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, I accidentally freaked out Scott Wilson. There were two cosplayers there in these amazingly detailed bird women costumes. Feathers, clacking beaks, Victorian dresses. They were amazing pieces of work that you could tell they had spent months on. I was joking around with them and they were hysterical. They didn’t speak, they just chirped but they were very, very expressive with their body language, etc. One of them pretended to get highly offended that I took a selfie with the other and stood across the walkway arms crossed and “mad.” People who know me know that I never do anything halfway and I do tend to be a little overly dramatic with the theatrics so I dropped to my knees and pretended to sob, “I’m sorrrry. Please forgive me.” Right slap dab at Scott Wilson’s feet! I had no idea that he was passing by so when I landed, I literally landed right in front of him. He was extremely bewildered and understandably freaked out. I went up to his booth a few minutes later and apologized and explained what had happened and he laughed it off. I’m still pretty sure he thinks I’m crazy.

Is there any other character from another show or movie you would like to cosplay?

Heck yes. There’s a ton actually. The top four though would have to be Rogue (comic book version) from X-Men, a Lone Wanderer from Fallout (I know not a show/movie but the game is amazing and one of my favorites), Alice from Resident Evil, and one of the nurses from Silent Hill. Most of the ones I want to do revolve around heavy prosthetics and very detailed horror makeup though so I’m learning as much as I can to be able to pull them off. I would like to eventually be a full spectrum professional cosplayer doing cosplays of multiple different genres. At least for a year or so.

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

I’m a full time single mom and everything I do, including cosplaying, I do for my kids. Cosplaying is only one of four jobs and is definitely a very fun and fulfilling one. My hands down favorite character isn’t from the show but is actually Clementine from The Walking Dead TellTale video games. I also sing and paint and I’m big on photographing old abandoned places and buildings. There’s a certain beauty in the abandoned. You can actually find a lot of my stuff on Instagram at the handle georgiaunearthed.

Two georgiaunearthed photos:


















A couple of burned walkers created by Georgia:

More about Georgia

Georgia Cribb is absolutely gorgeous when portraying Lauren Cohan as Miss Maggie Maybe. She’s also beautiful when she’s just being herself, as you can see by the headshot below.

Source:  Dani Lee Photography

We wish Georgia the best in all her future endeavors, whether it be with her cosplay, acting, photography, horror makeup art and sculpting, singing, or painting. This is one very multi-talented lady! She does it all. Maybe…we’ll catch another glimpse of her standing in for Lauren Cohan as Miss Maggie Maybe. Will you be able to tell the difference?

Source:  All photos supplied by Georgia Cribb


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