A Baker’s Dozen with Jenna Elfman, June on Fear the Walking Dead

Jenna Elfman as JuneJenna Elfman as June on Fear the Walking Dead

Don’t you just love Jenna Elfman? Ever since she was in Dharma and Greg, I have considered her to be the epitome of beauty and grace. She is a wonderful comedic actor and currently she is “hitting ’em out of the ballpark” as a dramatic actor on Fear the Walking Dead. First, she was Laura with John Dorie, then Naomi at the stadium, now we have learned her name is really June. Even when things get really complicated and dangerous for her, she is always coming from a place of caring, maybe because of her nurse’s training. Of course, grief and guilt color her choices also. When Jenna agreed to A Baker‘s Dozen interview, I was overjoyed, and I hope you will be too.

Laura shows her nursing skills and thoughtfulness by putting medical supplies together for others at the country store:Laura in the country store

Source:  Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

Did you always want to be an actor?

I always knew I was a performer— whether in the form of dance or acting, this was definitely my arena and I did know that.

What was your very first acting role?

I got a role on a TV show called Pointman. I don’t recall having many lines, but it was an acting job.

How did you land the role of Laura/Naomi/June on Fear the Walking Dead?

I just got a phone call from my agent saying that they wanted to offer me the role and was I interested in that. I did a Skype call with Scott Gimple, and he walked me through their thoughts for my character and her back story and it was exactly what I had been craving, artistically. So I said yes. 🙂

Source:  YouTube/Andre S

Were you a Walking Dead fan before you got the role on Fear?

I was definitely aware of The Walking Dead. I had not seen much of it before signing on, but have since seen ALL seasons of both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. That’s 11 seasons of TV that I watched since October! I’m a HUGE fan now. LOL

Jenna as Naomi

Nurse Naomi tends to Nick’s wounds

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

How do you relate to the role of June and her actions on the show?

I understand her and the pain and loss she’s been through and how that guilt re the FEMA shelter can really make one feel that they are somehow harmful to others and therefore, and thereafter, they try to keep themselves from getting too close with anybody for two reasons: 1.) If you start to feel for someone, then it hurts more when you lose them and in this apocalypse, that is a high liability; and, 2.) in the overwhelm of the apocalypse, and the overwhelm of the loss and guilt, she feels she doesn’t know who she is right now and isn’t sure if she can trust herself to not harm others and doesn’t like how that feels, so she is trying to protect herself and others, without a full sense yet of her own rules and sense of values in this no longer normal world.

John and Laura in canoe

Source:  AMC

Did you do anything special to prepare for the role?

Tons, but that’s actor stuff that I will keep to myself.

We girls have got to know…what was that kiss with John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) like?

DUH. He’s awesome. I adore both Garret AND what he has created with John Dorie.

We fangirls are swooning and very jealous! 😉

Laura kisses John Dorie

Source:  Richard Foreman, Jr./AMC

What has been your favorite acting role before Fear the Walking Dead?

I’d say it’s a tie between Dharma and Greg and Keeping the Faith.

Did you experience any funny or memorable behind the scene moments on Fear the Walking Dead?

So many! It’s been quite a learning curve— from how to kill walkers and do those stunts well, to fully orienting myself within the mythology of this Walking Dead universe. Learning to to FULLY clean ALL the dirt and blood off my face and hands before I leave work and go out into the real world has been challenging and often embarrassing when I am not thorough!

This the scene that broke our hearts, then did so again when we saw these Scrabble tiles in that little tin box!
Message left by Laura to John in Scrabble tiles

Source:  AMC

What are your thoughts on attending the Walker Stalker/comicons and the fans’ reactions to you?

I really enjoy meeting everyone and hearing how they relate to the stories and characters. I’m also a fan, so it’s fun to discuss everything face-to-face with them and share in the passion and excitement!

If you would like to see Jenna, she will be at the WalkerStalker con in San Jose December 1 and 2, 2018.
Jenna WalkerStalker common

Source:  Facebook/WalkerStalker

Do you have any new acting roles in your future you can discuss?

Fear the Walking Dead is keeping me pretty busy at the moment!

Who or what has inspired you in your life and acting career?

Well, everybody! I learn from everything I observe in life. If you really look and really watch people, you’d be amazed what you see and can learn from, both good and bad. Life is a continual accumulation of knowledge. AND, I will say, I have learned A LOT about acting just from acting alongside Lennie James and watching him work. A lot. He is BRILLIANT and seamless.

June and Morgan

Source:  AMC

Is there anything you can tell all us about yourself that we don’t know, but would love to?

I love people. I love life. I’m curious about things and people. I’m interested in what makes people act the way they do. I care about people and how they are feeling. I want people to do well and grow and thrive and survive well.

Jenna is such a lovely person, both inside and out. One thing that has always impressed me about her is that she always seems to have a smile on her face. She looks like the happiest, most pleasant person and I’m sure Jenna would be a joy to be around and work with. This is a beautiful headshot of her from her IMBd account:

Portrait of Jenna Elfman

Source:  IMBd

And, you fanguys, I found this one while doing a search on Google and thought you might like it. Laura/Naomi/June cleans up real nice, doesn’t she?!? She is absolutely gorgeous!

Jenna sexy photo

Source:  Google

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share Jenna’s answers to my Baker‘s Dozen of questions with all of you. Don’t forget to tune in to Fear the Walking Dead on AMC Sunday nights at 9:00/8C to see what happens to June and the others in their band of survivors.  Fear will return Sunday, August 12, and since that’s only two days after my birthday, I think it is a swell birthday present! Let me know what you think on Twitter @sassypoo


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