A Baker’s Dozen with Keisha Tillis

Jenny JonesKeisha Tillis as Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones was the walker wife of Morgan Jones. Morgan and his son Duane were the first humans Rick Grimes encountered after waking from his coma. Morgan had to explain to Rick about the walkers and how they were reanimated corpses. When Morgan was showing Rick all the undead wandering the street, his wife, Jenny, shuffled into view, which upset her son, Duane, terribly. As Morgan comforted Duane, Rick watched through the peephole in the front door as Jenny came onto the porch, looking at the door and peephole, then reached down and tried the doorknob. I’ll have to admit, usually things don’t scare me, but a walker trying a doorknob freaked me out!

Source:  The Zombie Brain Trust

We only saw Jenny Jones in Season 1 Episode 1 Days Gone Bye but her doorknob scene will never be forgotten. Keisha Tillis, who portrayed Jenny, answered our baker’s dozen of questions about her role as Jenny, her life, and her future projects.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Atlanta. I also grew up here.

Did you always want to act and what was your first role?

I did not always want to act. I wanted to be a singer. I did not discover that potential of acting until I started working for Chris Tucker. Someone decided to write me into a stage play that was going to showcase at Chris Tucker’s Cafe. They decided to write me in as the lead. I had never acted on stage. After I took a shot at that opportunity and got a standing ovation… The electricity I felt on that stage as that character, changed my life and my profession. I was going to school at the time to study medicine.

Did you have to go through a process to get the part of Jenny Jones, Morgan’s wife?

Yes. I had to audition with my agent at the studio. I did not attend zombie school.

How long did it take for you to be made up as a walker?

It took about 3 to 4 hours.

Was Jenny and Morgan’s love story as haunting to you as it was to us fans?

You know, I really didn’t feel the impact until I got to set. Seeing Morgan point that gun at me and could not shoot… the dynamics of that was amazing.

Keisha Tillis as Jenny JonesSource:  AMC

Do you think Jenny had some residual memory of her husband and son and that’s why she kept coming back, even trying the doorknob?

Yes! Jenny was still real fresh. I believe she had subliminally held that memory without taking thought about it. It is where she died, that was the only thing she knew. I guess survival as a zombie may have kicked in as well. What to eat..

Jenny JonesSource:  AMC

Did anything funny or memorable happen while you were filming or on set?

Yes! Morgan, who is Lennie James, blurted out “I’M SO GLAD I MARRIED YOU!” It was funny.

What was the best part of filming The Walking Dead?

Frank Darabout! He was sooo excited about that scene that he wanted to bring me back. He kept cheering!

What has been your favorite acting role?

I did an independent role on this movie called for The Love of You. I played a schizophrenic.

Do you have any upcoming roles you can discuss?

I did an episode of Hap and Leonard which is featured on the Sundance channel. I can’t mention the others until it becomes a little more concrete.

Do you have any hobbies and what do you do for fun?

I do have hobbies! Believe it or not, I really enjoy amusement parks. I also enjoy the movies.

Is there anyone who has been an inspiration to you?

Viola Davis

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

I am a believer. I really Love God!

Go back and look at the above pictures of Jenny Jones.  Now look at the picture below of Keisha Tillis. Even made up as a walker, you can still see the beauty we see below under all the makeup. Those gorgeous eyes are mesmerizing! Thank you, Keisha, for answering all our questions and sharing with us. We’ll be looking for you in your future projects.

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