A Baker’s Dozen with Lex of Tiny Daryl Adventures

Tiny Daryl Thanksgiving

Tiny Tiny at Thanksgiving

A Baker’s Dozen with Lex of Tiny Daryl Adventures

I have enjoyed and been amused by Tiny Daryl Adventures on Twitter for several years. Her vignettes can always make me laugh. I look forward to each one she posts. I asked if she would consider doing A Baker’s Dozen interview so all Tiny Daryl’s fans could find out more about her and her tiny characters. Before we get into the questions and answers, this is one of my favorites.

Tiny Daryl and ShivaWho is the creator of Tiny Daryl Adventures, the girl behind the madness, so to speak?

I guess that would be me. My name is Alexes or Lex, and I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead even when I’m not making ridiculous action figure scenes. If anyone remembers the literal Coral from the Talking Dead Ultimate Fan Search this past year, that was me. When I’m not hanging out with the The Walking Dead Family on Twitter or at a con, I’m working in marketing, playing with my two cats (Rick and Daryl), or writing.

Where were you born, where did you grow up, and where are you from now?

I’m from a small town of around 1000 people in Northeast Texas. I briefly lived in Cleveland, Ohio, (Go Cavs!) which is probably still where I consider home to be even though I’ve spent a lot more time here. But I’m back in Texas until I head off on my next adventure.

What prompted you to begin using the The Walking Dead character dolls to create different scenes?

I never really intended to start Tiny Daryl Adventures when it all began. I’d asked for the 10 inch action figure for my birthday/Christmas (I’m a December baby) and got him. I debated leaving him in the box but I remembered all the childhood toys I’d left in boxes that are pretty much worthless at this point, so I took him out. At first I was just posing him with some stuff I had around the house to amuse myself and my Facebook friends. A little time passed and I thought it might be fun to start posting them for a wider audience. I made a Tumblr account and it’s grown from there.

Tiny D and snowHow many character dolls do you own?

I currently have around 35 between all my figures and Pop’s, if I didn’t miscount. At least 11 of those are different Daryl figures.

Do you create your own scenery and backdrops?

It’s a mix of things I create and things I buy. The backdrops I’ve used for Halloween, I’ve painted. The house I’m currently building for the Tiny Family is from a kit, but I’ve been doing lots of interior decorating and attempting to make things for it like furniture or fake stone flooring. Some other backgrounds have been assembled from scrapbook paper or are places in my home or plain fabric.

As far as costumes go, I’ve made 99% of those. I go through a ton of hot glue, but it’s fun to try and fit things over Tiny D’s weird legs. That’s partially why he ends up in skirts a lot, because his (the action figure’s, not Norman’s) legs are weird and bulky.

What inspired the tutu?

I made the first tutu probably over 3 years ago at this point, so it’s hard to say what I was thinking exactly. But I think I had some elastic and tulle on hand and put two and two together. I was still figuring out clothes for him, particularly how to get them on without splitting seams. Back then I was still trying to sew them by hand (his little Boondocks Saints style peacoat was hand sewn). Since then I’ve learned to embrace hot glue, and I largely build his costumes directly on him so they fit well. But the tutus are nice since they can be made for any size and I don’t have to destroy them when I’m done. Plus they’re easy to throw on him if I’m going somewhere and don’t have time to make a full costume.

Tiny Daryl HalloweenWhere do you get your ideas?

I honestly pull ideas from everywhere I can. It’s a lot easier for me to think of things when the show is on because I have that to spark ideas. But I pull from anything I can. I’ve been really into Hamilton lately, so of course I had to do a Hamilton adventure featuring Richonne as Alex and Eliza. Other times, I sit down like a kid and just play or put the figures in increasingly outlandish poses until something funny pops into my head.

Do Tiny Daryl and you attend any comicons and what is your experience there?

Since he was born, I don’t think I’ve been to a con without Tiny Daryl with me. Honestly, I’m not sure if I could even get away with leaving him at home at this point if I tried, not that I want to. I have a lot of fun in general at cons, but on the Tiny Daryl side of things, he’s always dressed up. His very first con in Boston 2014, I put him in the peacoat with a rosary and a little gun so he could be Tiny Murphy for the Boondock Saints 15th celebration. His most recent con in Nashville, I dressed him as ‘Sassy Negan’ in a little gray skirt and leather vest.

Tiny Daryl

Tiny Daryl looks out at the ocean in Miami in the first photo. Tiny Rick with Tiny Daryl are looking out over the location of Rick’s famous ride into Atlanta in the right photo.

Have Tiny Daryl and you met the real Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and how did that go?

Tiny Daryl first met Norman in November of 2014 at Wizard World Tulsa. I had a nice book of some of his adventures printed, and I gave them to Norman. He took a few seconds to look at some of them before I distracted him with the actual Tiny D. I’m not gifted at mind reading, so I can’t say for sure if Norman likes him or just thinks I’m some weird chick with too much time on my hands, but every time we see him, he either takes a picture of Tiny D’s latest costume or tries to keep him. That’s good enough for me.

Tiny Daryl and NormanHow many cast members have you met and do you have a favorite?

Oh God. I actually just had to stop to go through IMDb and count. I’ve met about 55 so far. I already thought I had a con problem before this interview, but I didn’t realize it was that high. Whoops.

It’s super hard to pick a favorite out of the ones I’ve met. Obviously I love Norman or this would be Tiny SomeoneElse Adventures. Jeffrey is amazing and just a great sport with the fans, and I love all the work he does with animals when he’s not smashing things with bats. Cudlitz, Traynor, Josh, and Ross have to be on there. I also met Pollyanna recently, and she’s a treasure. Sonequa and Danai are both such lovely and inspirational women and people. If Professional Hugger is a legit job you can have, I’m pretty convinced Cooper would be Employee of the Month for all the months. I could seriously keep listing people all day, because the core of our favorite show is a bunch of truly wonderful people, and I’m sure after I hit send I’ll slap myself for missing someone super important.

Tiny D and actorsAre there any new characters/scenes you’re working on or considering?

Right now, I’m trying to get my hands on the 5 inch Sasha. I went to Walgreens to look for her a couple days ago and she hasn’t made it here yet (or someone bought her out). There are some older ones I still need to get. I had Bob, but he was defective so I had to return him and I haven’t replaced him. And I just realized I forgot to list Lawrence in the question about favorites. See?

I’ll probably have posted the scene I’ve got sitting on my phone by the time you get this interview out, but I’ve been toying with the idea of re-watching the series (again) and pulling some ideas from older episodes. So hopefully I’ll start getting to that soon.

Do you have any other hobbies, interests, or causes you’re involved with?

I’ve already talked about writing, my cats, and cons. That’s pretty much what I’ve got going on with hobbies and interests right now. As far as causes, I’ve been blessed with a new job that I love (partially because of the success of Tiny D) and so I’ve been trying to give back by donating to charity when I can. Sometimes it’s an actual charity like the IRC or Astraea Foundation. Sometimes it’s just the GoFundMe or YouCaring of someone in need. I’ve struggled a lot and I’m sure I’ll struggle again, so it’s really important to me to share what I have when I’m in a good place.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you and Tiny Daryl?

I know I thank people a lot for supporting our adventures over the years, but I want to take the opportunity to do that again. I never expected that I would do this for a year, let alone three and a half, but here I am. I love being immersed in this fandom. I love making you guys laugh. I love getting to send Christmas cards all over the world and getting them in return. This fandom is incredible, and I feel really lucky all the time to get to be a part of it in the way that I am. “The Walking Dead Family” might seem like a couple of words to outsiders, but anyone who is genuinely a part of it knows that it couldn’t be a more appropriate description of what we all are to each other.

Be kind to one another and adventure on!

Tiny Daryl PirateSource:  All photos by Tiny Daryl Adventures

As we close out, we’ll leave Tiny Daryl digging for more buried treasure in Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. It’s been an adventure in itself learning all about Lex and her cast of tiny characters. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they will be up to next. I hope you will be, too! You can find them on Twitter and Instagram @tiny_daryl or on Facebook as Tiny Daryl Adventures. Maybe they all will keep us entertained through this long, hot summer until The Walking Dead returns this Fall on AMC. When you see them, give them a Like and tell them Hi from @sassypoo.


I'm from a very rural area in SW Mississippi. I'm Mom to one grown son and a little Maltese (see profile picture). I came late to The Walking Dead but instantly fell in love with the series and Daryl. I binge-watched the first four and a half seasons to catch up before it came back on in January, 2015. Now I'm hopelessly hooked. I also watch Fear the Walking Dead and The Talking Dead. I love blogging and interviewing the cast members and cosplayers. I believe everyone deserves recognition for their contribution to the success of TWD and FTWD, no matter how small.

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