A Baker’s Dozen with Lindsley Register

Lindsley Register as Laura Lindsley Register as Laura of the Saviors

Laura, Laura, Laura…….Spencer? Really? Spencer? I first took notice of the Savior named Laura when she was flirting with Spencer. Even though he was a very good looking guy, he was so condescending and annoying. I’m thinking, “Girl, you can do better than that!” I guess the pickin’s were slim at the Saviors’ headquarters.

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Laura, if you’ll remember, is the Savior Negan put in charge of Eugene. I love that she kept calling him Haircut! She is the one who brought him to his luxurious (by Apocalypse standards) apartment, then offered to get him something to eat. When he asked for lobster, she looked at him like he had lost his blooming mind and told him he couldn’t have lobster, “What in Hell do you think this is?” Later, she took him around and taught him about the points system and getting supplies, although Eugene himself was exempt from points. For a Savior she was actually pretty kind to him. Hmm, could there be a budding relationship there?

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Lindsley Register who portrays the Savior Laura graciously answered our baker’s dozen of questions about her role on The Walking Dead and her life in general.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in the small town of Lynchburg, Virginia, but grew up in South Carolina, and moved back to Southwest Virginia.

What was your first acting role?

I did a few church plays and ended up doing two musicals in high school. My first real role was my junior year, I was 17 and played Eponine in Les Miserables. It was a challenging role to take on as a teen, but I loved it.

How did you get the role of Laura?

I got a self-tape audition from my agent. I knew it was for The Walking Dead but the role and scene were not for Laura. They know how to keep everything suuuper secret. I was stoked when they called me about 3 weeks later to tell me I was being offered the job. I had forgotten about the audition at that point!

Were you a The Walking Dead fan before getting the role?

Absolutely. In college I thought there was no way I would ever be into a “zombie” show. My boyfriend ended up convincing me to watch a few of the first episodes and I was immediately hooked.

(Remember when Laura held a gun on Rick while Gary and David beat Aaron? She’s one tough cookie!)

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Did you do anything special to prepare for the role of Laura, like giving her a backstory of any kind in your own mind, maybe one that would help justify why she was part of the Saviors?

I frequently use free associative writing to prepare for characters. I’ll take as many clues from the script as I can to inform the backstory and directions for the character. I wrote several pages in my journal about Laura but when I show up to set, I try to put all of that away and just be present in the moment.

Have there been any funny or memorable behind the scene moments on the The Walking Dead set?

Everything starts to get a little funny when it’s that hot and we’re all sweating our asses off in the Georgia sun. 😉 At one point I started zoning out just staring into space. When I came to, I realized my mouth was hanging wide open and Andrew Lincoln and our director Michael Satrazemis were laughing and asked if I was alright.

Do you have any new acting roles in your future, besides The Walking Dead, that you can discuss?

I’m gearing up for the second season of Six at the moment. We’ll start filming in May! My recent film This Valley of Dying Stars (dyingstarsfilm.com) is currently in post and I hope will be on a screen near you within the next year!

You have acted in both television and movies. Which do you prefer and why?

Hard question! I’ve been so thankful for the television shows I’ve gotten to work on this year. That’s definitely where I’ve had the most experience thus far. Television is nice because sometimes it can be more of a long-term job where you can really flush out a character, and make close friends and family on set. Sometimes film is nice because they are one and done and you can move on to a brand new story. They provide lots of variety.

What has been your favorite acting role?

My favorite role that I’ve played thus far in my career would have to be Zoe Webster in This Valley of Dying Stars. She’s a complicated yet intelligent mess and it grew me to play her. I hope to show you guys the film soon.

Is there anyone who has been an inspiration to you in your acting career?

So so so many. I met many people on the set of History’s Six who have since been incredible mentors to me in my career. People who I can call and ask questions about this tough and confusing business. My husband has been the biggest though. He teaches me about patience and proper timing. He cheers for me when I win and holds me up when I lose. One of my favorite actresses and onscreen inspirations at the moment is Amy Adams. Did you see Arrival? (!!!)

A lot of fans will marathon The Walking Dead quite frequently. Do you have a favorite show you could watch over and over?

Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Office. I am always up for watching an episode of any of those WONDERFUL shows!

You have worked as a director, producer, writer, and actor. Which do you enjoy the most and why?

I am an actor tried and true. I enjoy producing and I feel like I have some skill sets there, and I love working with actors in a directing capacity. Writing is something I’m still learning to do. But, I am and always will be an actor. It’s in my blood. Just experimenting and learning and growing in other fields where I can. 🙂

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

I’d love for the fans to know that when you send positive messages to actors and celebrities, they usually see them. They also see the negative. Just because you receive praise or are on a television screen, doesn’t make you impenetrable to hateful speech. That stuff hurts. And the supportive and loving messages are felt equally. I can’t thank you enough for the welcome you guys have shown me to the The Walking Dead family. I love answering your questions and engaging with you guys when I can!

I’m looking forward to seeing Lindsley as Zoe Webster in This Valley of Dying Stars and I also need to go back and watch the first season of Six on History. Her performance in these, I’m sure, is as wonderful as she is as Laura in The Walking Dead. Thank you for sharing all about yourself with us. I’ll leave with this celebrity shot of Lindsley which shows how incredibly beautiful she is.

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  1. Fascinating to read, Lindsley – I’m so envious, and you’re doing a great job – Laura’s HATEFUL! Thumbs up on the favourite TV series, too – they’re all favourites of mine. Nothing beats TWD, though! (btw, I love Amy Adams too – first noticed her in Catch me if you can)

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