A Baker’s Dozen with Mike Seal

Savior GaryA Baker’s Dozen with Mike Seal, Gary of the Saviors

Mike Seal stars as Gary, one of Negan’s Saviors and key henchmen. He can usually be found in close proximity to Negan, doing whatever nefarious bidding his Boss requires.

Gary and NeganSource:  AMC

Gary was the Savior who found Deanna’s video camera and brought it to Negan to show him Rick’s recorded interview, as you can witness in the below video.

Source:  AMC

Gary was also one of the Saviors, along with Davey, who beat up poor Aaron, who had actually done nothing wrong. I don’t think Gary and Davey really needed an excuse or motivation; they enjoyed it. Remember what happened to Rapey Davey, Gary? If you blindly follow a compete psychopath, you could end up walking off a cliff!

Source:  AMC

Mike Seal is an accomplished actor in both television and movies, as well as a stunt performer. Stunt performer?! Who’da thunk it? Actually, Mike has acted or been a stuntman in many of our favorites, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Dark Knight Rises, 21 Jump Street, Into the Badlands, Breaking Bad, and many more. It is with great pleasure I present to you this talented performer, Mike Seal’s answers to my Baker’s Dozen of questions. I love them; he is a hoot! He kept me laughing. Enjoy!

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Mama was a Rolling Stone. I was born on the road and grew up a little bit everywhere. Most of my family is based out of Southern California where I spent a few years of my childhood but that also included a stint in Ohio and a three day vacation which turned into a ten year venture in Mexico.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Nope. Never wanted to be Tom Hanks but I’ve always wanted to be Forrest Gump.

What was your very first acting role?

I played the role of Jack on Urban Justice, a straight-to-DVD Steven Seagal film. 😂😂 Good times!

How did you get the role of Gary on The Walking Dead?

I just put some words and mean looks on tape and a week later, Gary is born.

Were you a The Walking Dead fan before you got the role?

Nope. I saw a little bit of the first season because my ex-wife used to watch it but I don’t watch much TV. Sometimes it’s helpful to not know the back stories of people you shouldn’t know the back stories of in that world.

Did you do anything special to prepare for the role of a Savior?

There wasn’t much prep work needed. I’m what you call a “authenticity hire.” Now don’t get it twisted; I don’t mean that I am a evil person, but I am a calm, calculated, tactically sound instrument of all types of worldly hurt.😎

Have you experienced any funny or memorable behind the scene moments on The Walking Dead?

Sure, but let’s be honest, if I told you Congress would launch a full investigation and have a bunch of Senate hearing meetings so let’s just keep the answer simple….Sure.

You have worked in both television and movies. Which do you prefer and why?

This is actually a difficult question for me because over the past 10 years our contracts have fluctuated so much that in some places there’s more money to be made in television and others in film. I love the artistic freedom you are given in film but I also love the pressure of attempting television perfection with the minimal time slot allowed. My last check came from TV so I’m gonna say TV.

What has been your favorite acting role?

What is Biology for 1000, Alex?

Do you have any new acting roles in your future?

Yes, but I’ll refer back to the Congress response.

Who has inspired you in your life and acting career?

My inspirations in life are my mother, Attila the Hun, Achilles, son of Thetis, and, of course, B. A. Baracus. My inspiration in acting is Juliette Lewis.

What are you most passionate about?

Making children smile in war-torn countries.

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

I’ve been homeless; I’ve been to prison, and I’ve been to war. But I can still make a baby smile and shake a random dog’s hand.

Did you love him and his answers as much as I did? When he isn’t running around being mean, surly Gary, one of Negan’s favorites, he is this wonderfully good looking guy. Yeah, I prefer this one. Fangirls, I bet you like this eye candy, too!

Mike SealSource:  IMDb.com

We’re still months away from The Walking Dead‘s Season 8 premiere in October. I’m sure Gary will be right there next to Negan when it returns. Until then, hit me up and tell me what you think about this multi-talented performer @sassypoo.


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  1. Love it, Sassy and Mike! I like the remark about it being a good thing not to know the back stories about people that the character wouldn’t know about. Boy, is that sentence badly constructed.

    Rapey Davey ~ sometimes Negan is just too good! 😀 😀

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