A Baker’s Dozen with the German Abraham

Abraham FordThe German Abraham

Before we get started with the Baker’s Dozen, enjoy this video of Chris Twellmann, the German Abraham:

Source:  The Clap/Robert Scott & Ryan Harper via YouTube

If you had not known, would you think it was Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford? I did! The first picture I saw of Chris Twellmann, who cosplays Abraham Ford, fooled me. It’s a little hard to tell them apart even when they are next to each other.






Chris Twellmann & Michael Cudlitz










Source: Chris Twellmann










Now, let’s hear from the man himself, Abraham Ford. Wait! I mean, Chris Twellman, the German Abraham!

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in the middle of Germany and now I live in Atlanta and Florida.

When and how did you realize you look like Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)?

I knew for a long time that there is an actor with the name Michael Cudlitz. I saw him in Band of Brothers, Southland, and a few movies but until the summer of 2015, I had never heard of “The Walking Dead” and didn’t know how big the show was. In summer 2016 somebody posted two pictures of Michael and me on one of the biggest fan pages of The Walking Dead in Germany and tagged me with the words: “We have our very own Abraham.” That was the beginning of it all.

What was your first cosplaying event and how were you accepted?

My first cosplay event was a little event in Oberhausen. It’s called: Filmbörse Oberhausen. A Rick Grimes cosplayer and head of “The Walking Dead German Cosplay” invited me. (Thanks to facebook.com/randolf.ruhrau). It was amazing and I never expected that I would get swarmed.

Have you met Michael Cudlitz? What happened?

I noticed one day that Michael followed me on Twitter and I contacted him. We wrote a few messages and I got my tickets for Walker Stalker London in February, 2016, from him. It was funny. We talked a lot in his breaks and it was like he wasn’t a stranger but a person I knew for a long time. We met after London a few times more and I can say that he is a really great guy, down to earth, and a man I can learn a lot from.

Is cosplaying just a hobby or has it evolved into a career?

I don’t know if it will be a career but it’s definitely a start for a new life.

How long does it take you to get into full costume and makeup? Do you do anything special?

I just dye my hair and beard every month a couple of times and that’s it…..to get into the costume is like getting in your clothes in the morning 😀

Have you met other The Walking Dead cast? What was their reaction to you?

Haha, Chad Coleman, Sarah Wayne Callies, Michael Rooker, Xander Berkeley and Laurie Holden mistook me for Michael. Especially Laurie was funny at Walker Stalker Philly. We met her at the hotel bar. She saw me, said hello and I told her that I wasn’t Michael and that we had met on a comicon in Germany. And she said, “Oh yes… you’re right, and I almost kissed you”….. Next time I should be quiet! 😀

What has been the craziest interaction you’ve had while in cosplay?

I think that’s the story with Laurie. But really funny things happen at every con.

Do you do any other acting besides the cosplay?

Not yet, but I’m actually working on a new project. I’ll let you know when we can talk about it.

Were you a Walking Dead fan before you started cosplaying Abraham Ford?

No. As I told you at the beginning, I never heard about it until this guy made the post on the fan page in Germany.

How many comicons or events do you attend a year? Will you go anywhere?

Last year I was on, I think, 10 cons. Actually we’re working on my schedule now and I believe I will be on a few more this year.

Is there any other character from another show or movie you would like to cosplay?

Hm……maybe a Viking.…. But I’ll stay Abe now for awhile.

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know, but are dying to?

That could be boring! I think I’m a normal guy like all others. There is nothing special about me. I work a lot, and this year will have a lot of good changes for me with all my immigration stuff here in the United States. I’m very excited!

Here are a few more photos of Chris as Abe.  Is he or isn’t he? Who’s who?

CollageSource: Chris Twellmann

Ladies, I don’t know for sure if the man is single or not, but how would you like to wake up next to Abraham Ford every morning? Whew! HOT!

Be on the the lookout for The German Abraham, Chris Twellmann, at every comicon you attend. I predict he’s going to explode onto the cosplay field here in the United States. By the way, Chris, WELCOME!


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