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EmmettCarsonTim Parati as Dr. Emmett Carson

Tim Parati portrayed Dr. Emmett Carson, physician to the Saviors and brother to Dr. Harlan Carson at the Hilltop. We have no knowledge of how Dr. Carson ended up with the Saviors but it is safe to assume Negan might have forced him into service. It’s possible he was once a Hilltop resident with his brother. We first saw Dr. Carson administering a pregnancy test for Sherry, when Dwight brought Daryl to him to check out his injuries.

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After Daryl escaped from the Sanctuary and Sherry disappeared, I believe Dwight was afraid the good doctor would tell Negan his suspicions about Sherry being the one who helped Daryl, so he set him up. Sherry had left a “Goodbye” letter for Dwight and he tore off the bottom of the letter and hid it in Dr Carson’s desk. We didn’t learn how Negan came to be in possession of that scrap of paper but it set into motion an unfortunate event that ended Dr. Carson’s life.

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As brutal of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham were at the hands of Negan and Lucille, the death of Emmett Carson will forever be remembered as horrific. He didn’t deserve his fate. The actor behind the character, Tim Parati, is alive and well, and has answered my baker’s dozen of questions for the fans.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I lived in New York for a while but returned south when the film industry was booming here.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Pretty much. I was obsessed with TV when I was growing up and dived into all kinds of different stories. It was my escape from school and homework. I started doing plays in school and it sank in. Acting is the best career as you get to have an unlimited amount of lives within that job! I’m not a doctor but I get to play one on TV!

What was your very first acting role?

My first film role was an animal shelter attendant in Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye”. I accidentally let the cat, who was the hero of the three stories within the film, get away to go rescue Drew Barrymore. I remember feeling very much at home and at ease on set and just knew I had to do more. It’s funny for me to watch those scenes now, because, for whatever reason, they dubbed my voice.

How did you get the role of Dr. Emmett Carson on The Walking Dead?

Being on The Walking Dead was a holy grail for me. I read for it, I think, at least nine times before finally getting cast as Dr. Emmett Carson. Looking back, I’m glad it took that long as Dr. Carson was a very exciting role.

Were you a Walking Dead fan before you got the role?

Yes! I hadn’t read the comics but was hooked on the show from the very first episode. I appreciate how they spend the time to develop characters and relationships.

Did you do anything special to prepare for the role?

Not really….I auditioned on tape and was on set in just a few days. Being a fan of the show though, I had thought a lot about what life would be like living in a post apocalyptic world. I just applied all that thought to Dr. Carson.

What are your thoughts on Dr. Carson’s fate?

As an actor, of course I’m disappointed that I don’t get to explore the character any further or work on such a great show any longer! Keeping my fingers crossed for flashbacks! I understand why they killed him off. It was important for Dwight’s storyline and it was an exciting episode. And what a way to go! Sure, it would have been interesting to be bitten/turned but no one had ever gotten thrown in to a furnace before!

Did you experience any funny or memorable behind the scene moments?

With scenes like that, there is always a heightened excitement on the set. Having to throw myself in to the furnace over and over was challenging, yet fun. Just for the record, there were no flames! That was all added later. Any kind of stunt work is thrilling. I used to want to be a stunt man when I was a kid. I was always throwing myself down the stairs! The cast and crew on The Walking Dead are fantastic and very welcoming. I got to know Lucille quite well!

You have worked in both television and movies. Which do you prefer and why?

There’s more time on film sets because the deadline isn’t so rigid, but I love both. There’s amazing things being produced on television now. Would love to be on something like American Crime or Game of Thrones! Something you can really sink your teeth into.

Do you have any new acting roles in your future?

Nothing as of this moment. I’ve had a few auditions so hopefully the universe will provide me with something fun and challenging.

Who has inspired you in your life and acting career?

My parents have always inspired and encouraged me to do whatever I had a passion for. My Mom has passed but my Dad is turning 90 this year and still going strong. I want to be just like him when I grow up. Some actors who have always inspired me are Peter O’Toole, Jeff Bridges, Dustin Hoffman and Daniel Day-Lewis, to name a few. I have tremendous respect for Melissa McBride who plays Carol on The Walking Dead. She’s phenomenal.

What are you most passionate about?

Life. Living life to it’s fullest by working hard but also taking time to just relax and enjoy. I work hard in all that I do but I think it’s important to stop every so often and appreciate the little things in life….sunshine on your face in the back yard, a good meal, hiking to a peak and sitting to take in the view. We love to travel and do so whenever we can. Nothing like experiencing other cultures. Very passionate about my wife, Kim. She fills my life with joy, inspires me and makes me want to be my very best for her.

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

It’s no secret to those that know me that I am obsessed with Planet of the Apes! I’ve been collecting POTA stuff all my life and can’t get enough. Whenever I see the films or characters from them, I get an organic thrill that I can not explain. I have daily contact with people from all over the world who share the passion. I’m loving the new reboot films and I think Andy Serkis is brilliant.

Tim might not be a doctor in real life but the handsome, distinguished gentleman below certainly could pass for one. He is a multi-talented actor and I shall look forward to seeing him in future projects.

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We will miss Tim portraying Dr. Emmett Carson on The Walking Dead. As Season 7 comes to a close soon, tune in with me on AMC Sunday nights at 9/8C and tell me what you think @sassypoo.


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