A Baker’s Dozen with Vincent M. Ward

Vincent as OscarVincent M. Ward as Oscar on The Walking Dead

Remember Oscar from Season 3 of The Walking Dead? When our survivors broke open a door to the cafeteria of the West Georgia Correctional Facility to escape a group of walkers, they found Oscar, Big Tiny, Axel, Andrew, and Tomas inside. They had been locked in by a guard ten months before and had no idea what had happened to the world. Oscar was one of the good guys; he was worried about his kids and mother and didn’t understand just how bad it was outside. Bless his heart, he just wanted to use a phone.

prisongroupSource:  Gene Page for AMC

Unfortunately, whereas friends Oscar, Axel, and Big Tiny were nice guys, Tomas and Andrew were not. Eventually Oscar and Axel were accepted into the group of survivors and helped out anyway they could.

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It was especially heartbreaking when Oscar was fatally shot by a Woodbury soldier as he helped an injured Glenn to escape over the wall, thus leaving himself exposed to the bullet. Worse was when Maggie, distraught over his death, had to shoot Oscar in the head to keep him from reanimating.

Source:  AMC

Vincent, superb actor that he is, has worked on many of my favorite television shows such as True Blood, Hot in Cleveland, and 2 Broke Girls, as well as The Starter Wife and Everybody Hates Chris. He is an accomplished actor in theater, television and movies, a writer and dancer. Here is his Baker’s Dozen interview:

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, but started my acting career in Columbus, Ohio, after being fired from GM and Champs Sports.

Did you always want to be an actor?

Never thought about being an actor. My focus was dancing in my rap group and playing basketball.

What was your favorite acting role?

I don’t have a favorite because being an actor is very hard so any job you get is a blessing, I don’t put one ahead of another one. I’m grateful for all of them.

How did you land the role of Oscar on The Walking Dead?

I auditioned for The Walking Dead not knowing what it was but once again being happy I got an audition and then booking it.

Were you a Walking Dead fan before you got the role?

No, I wasn’t a fan because I had never heard of it. Also, the way you guys view shows or characters isn’t the same way we view it. We’re at work…lol

Did you do anything special to prepare for the role?

Not really because Oscar is Vincent and Vincent is a FREE (not in jail) Oscar. Our beliefs are the same so I didn’t have to stretch to be him. Having to act scared was hard and the heat was rough.

What are your thoughts on Oscar’s fate?

I think it could’ve been better; it was kind of wack to be honest. I thought he did enough to have a better death and be invited to The Talking Dead but I wasn’t and it’s all good.

Did you experience any funny or memorable behind the scene moments?

Funniest thing was finding out Andrew was British and not knowing. We both laughed very hard because he was always in character as Rick.

You are multi-talented, working in both television and movies, as well as theater, plus you used to be a dancer! Which do you prefer and why?

Love the stage but TV and movies pay the bills. I just love to act and host. Hosting shows my fun personality.

Do you have any new acting roles in your future?

I’ve been writing some horror projects, some positive reality shows, and just filmed Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland. It’s going to be on Lifetime and it’s also starring Chad Coleman, aka Tyrese. I’m about to begin production on a film called Encounter and another The Walking Dead character might be joining the cast. I created a horror series called Devereux and I’m also including two The Walking Dead cast members as well (Lew Temple and Jeryl Prescott).

Who has inspired you in your life and acting career?

My family…especially my parents and my 10 grandkids…Yes, 10.

What are you most passionate about?

Family, Love, Life, Career, making people happy and being a positive man, person, role model. Letting people know I’m no different than you, I just happen to be on a few shows people might like.

Is there anything you can tell all us fans about yourself that we don’t know?

What I say on social media I mean it from the heart…Rise&Grind is not just a saying; it’s the way I live my life.

Vincent lives life to the fullest but at heart is still just one of us. I will be looking for him in all the new shows and movies he mentioned. I love this new celebrity photo and want to share it with all the fans as I go. Thank you, Vincent!

Vincent M. Ward


I'm from a very rural area in SW Mississippi. I'm Mom to one grown son and a little Maltese (see profile picture). I came late to The Walking Dead but instantly fell in love with the series and Daryl. I binge-watched the first four and a half seasons to catch up before it came back on in January, 2015. Now I'm hopelessly hooked. I also watch Fear the Walking Dead and The Talking Dead. I love blogging and interviewing the cast members and cosplayers. I believe everyone deserves recognition for their contribution to the success of TWD and FTWD, no matter how small.


  1. I loved Oscar! He was one of my favourite minor characters, so pleased to see this! Oddly enough, only today I was thinking of a ‘ten saddest deaths’ post, and Oscar was one I chose… I wanted the ones that were saddest to ME, not the ones you always see, and I thought Oscar was so lovely….. ahhhh!

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