A Closer Look at the Final Scenes of TWD Finales: Part II

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A Closer Look at the Final Scenes of TWD Finales: Part II

BGB shares the similarities between the final moments in the Season 2, 4 and 5 finales in this The Walking Dead TBT post

Time for another edition of TWD TBT! Last week, I broke down the final moments in the Season 1 and 3 finales, which I called contemplative closings because they ended quietly and with plenty of subtext for thought. The last scenes in the Season 2, 4 and 5 finales of The Walking Dead are dramatically different in their tone from the contemplative finales and have some noticeable similarities between them.


  1. All of the Scenes Are Dark.

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In Season 2, the survivors are gathered around a campfire after rendezvousing following the fall of Hershel’s farm. Only the light of the flames and the moon overhead illuminates them.

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Season 4 finds the survivors plunged into the darkness of the train car, where they are reunited but still in grave peril.

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For the last scenes of Season 5, we begin around a fire at the Alexandria town meeting that Deanna intends to use to decide Rick’s fate in the community.


Not only are the scenes dark, but the times that we find our survivors are symbolically dark, too, as they’re homeless, captured or facing exile.



  1. The Scenes Involve All or Most of the Survivors.


The final scenes of the finales bring all or nearly all of the key characters together.

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In the Season 2 finale, every character is present around the fire, and their faces are shown at various times throughout the scene.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.01.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.01.14 PMThe Season 4 finale brings nearly all of the cast together in the train car with Beth and Hershel even being included in flashbacks. Only Carol and Tyreese are absent.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.04.12 PMWith the Season 5 finale, most of the characters are present at the meeting. Those who aren’t are briefly shown with a voice over from Rick.


By including all or most of the characters, the final scenes of the finales allow us to look back on the events of the season and remind us of the entire cast of characters that make up Team Family.


  1. The Scenes All Include a Speech from Rick.


Rick drives the action in all of the finale finale scenes.


In Season 2, he justifies killing Shane and then challenges any of the other survivors to take his place as leader. Then, he utters the famous line:

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For Season 4, there is very little dialogue, but the scene does have Rick uttering another memorable line from the series.

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The Season 5 finale includes a lengthy speech from Rick in which he says that the people of Alexandria have to change in order to survive.

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  1. The Scenes All Build Up to What’s Coming Next Season.


The Walking Dead has never ended a season with a true cliff hanger–an episode where we don’t know how some immediate threat or scene will play out when the show returns, but each season has provided hints of what’s coming next.

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In Season 2, after zooming out on the group, the camera moves and eventually shows the prison under the light of the moon, a teaser referencing the place where the group will end up the next season. The prison drives the action of Season 3 as the group settles in, manages threats and fights to defend their home.


The Season 4 finale finishes with Rick’s line, setting us up for the battle that will wage in the next episode. It also establishes the fact that the group in the train car will go on to become one family, as Glenn says that Abraham and the others are their friends, to which Rick replies that makes them all friends.

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For Season 5, Morgan returns in the final scene, looking on in horror as Rick shoots Pete. This introduces the idea of Rick and Morgan being at odds over the sanctity of life. Then, after the credits roll, there are two additional scenes.

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First is Michonne deciding not to put her katana back over the fireplace. This is a hint that there will be fights ahead in Season 6, and there were with the herd, the Saviors and these guys–

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That ominous message that the Wolves were not far is the final thing shown in the finale and lets us know that we’re about to face a new threat when the show returns.


What will the Season 6 Finale be like? I have a feeling the final moments will be more like the ones from Season 2, 4 and 5–a dark scene with most of our cast gathered together. We also know from the previews we will be introduced to next season’s major villain–Negan.


What else will happen? Your guess is as good as mine. Head over to Twitter and let me know what your predictions are!

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