A Look Back at Bloodletting (TWD Epx202)


A Look Back at Bloodletting  (TWD Epx202)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the eighth episode of The Walking Dead

Hey, hey Deadheads! Ready to take another trip down TWD memory lane? This time, we’re flashing back to Episode 202, Bloodletting!

Favorite Lines

There are a few lines that I absolutely love in this episode, starting with:

202 4
This is probably one of my favorite lines Daryl has in the whole show.

I also love the way Melissa McBride and Laurie Holden play the moment when Carol puts her foot in her mouth, saying:

202 3 1 202 3 2

Shane doesn’t appear on my favorite lines lists too often, but I do love when he says:

202 6

Later in the same scene, I’m always struck by how emotionally, Otis says:

202 7

While Otis’ death was important for Shane’s story arc, I wish he had appeared in more episodes. It would have been interesting to see how he reacted to the events that occur in Season 2, particularly with the walkers being released from the barn and the issue with Randall. How would the show have changed?

One last line that I love comes on the porch when Hershel is talking about the zombie virus. I’ll be writing a piece on that conversation soon, but in the meantime, I just have to take a moment to point out the amazing way that Andrew Lincoln says:

202 10
Favorite Moment

I don’t have a single favorite moment in this episode. What I like most are the interactions between two very different pairs of characters. First, there’s these guys:

202 2 202 2 2

While my sympathy for Shane is gone by now in the series, I do think he is a good friend to Rick in Episode 202. In fact, I’d venture to say this is the last time he really has Rick’s back in the series. I think the events that unfold in the next episode with Shane sacrificing Otis is a big part of that, but Lori has a hand in it, too, constantly pinning Shane against Rick and stringing him along.

I also love the scenes with T-Dog and Dale in the episode.

202 5

202 5 2

The acting in this episode is so great, and I especially love when T-Dog looks at Dale and says:

202 8

Despite how long T-Dog lived in TWD, I feel like he was underused. We barely got to know anything about him.

Random Somethings

One of the most important parts of this episode is that we get our first look at this family:

202 1

Beth emerges a second after I snapped this cap. Look how fierce Jimmy looks with that baseball bat!

One final thing…I never really paid attention to how Glenn reacts to seeing Maggie for the first time, but this time I did:

202 9

Looks like love at first sigh, huh?

So there’s my look back at Episode 202! Now it’s your turn to tell me what you remember, love, hate or wonder about the episode. Let me know in the “Comments” section or tweet me!

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