A Look Back at Days Gone Bye (TWD Epx101)


A Look Back at Days Gone Bye (TWD Epx101)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the very first episode of The Walking Dead

What’s up, Deadheads? Is October here yet? Yeah, yeah, I know, we have a long ways to go, but I have a plan to get us through it! I’m re-watching the entire series episode by episode, so we can relive the good times and the not-so-good-times to tide us over.

First up is “Days Gone By,” episode 101 and the pilot for the series. I gave it a rewatch, and here are some of the things that stuck out to me!

Favorite Lines

101 6

When Rick is alone in his house, on the floor trying to come to terms with what’s happening, I always get chills, likewise when Morgan is breaking down what happens after someone gets bitten, this line always resonates with me.

101 7

It’s so simple and taken out of context it seems so innocuous, but it holds so much weight when you’ve seen what they come back as.


I’m not a Lori fan, but this line still makes me sad, thinking of how Carl later has to kill her:

101 13


And who could forget this Earth Day tip from Shane?

101 3 1101 3 2101 3 3


Or this line coming over the radio?

101 15

Favorite Moments

101 2

The sight of those little feet in those slippers never loses its power for me.

101 8

Both scenes with Jenny are powerful to me. When she’s on the porch, looking in while Duane cries in the background I still get tense, even though I know she can’t come through that door.

101 11 1101 11 2

With the first watch of this episode back in the day, I felt for Morgan when he couldn’t take her down, but now knowing what happened to Duane and where the loss of his son led him, it’s even more difficult to watch.

On a lighter note, I always grin when Duane is dancing in the shower at the police station.

101 10

I think my favorite moment in “Days Gone Bye” is when the camera pulls out at the very end. In my mind, I always hear Morgan’s warning to Rick.

101 1 15


Little Stuff and Thangs

101 1

I never, ever noticed it before but in the very first scene, Rick passes by a tree with a whole bunch of kitchen knives sticking out it. The tree must be a real asshole, huh? Maybe somebody used it for knife throwing practice and then ended up a walker’s dinner before they could pull the knives out. Who knows!

101 4

Somebody explain to me what this card is!

101 14


Borrowing bikes. Borrowing gas. Borrowing horses. Rick’s a damn thief.

Thoughts to Ponder

101 5

I actually had some good responses to this on Twitter.



Other Moments

101 9

People argue about this all the time, but chronologically this fella was Rick’s first kill.

101 12

While everyone we saw got their first appearance in this episode, I always get excited to see these two because I liked them both a lot.

So there you have it, my rundown on “Days Gone Bye.” Now, I want to hear what you remember, hate, love or wonder about the episode. Tweet me and tell me or leave a message in the comments!

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  1. Love your comments and review of the classics (101) thanks for all your efforts!


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