A Look Back at Guts (TWD Epx102)


A Look Back at Guts (TWD Epx102)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the very second episode of The Walking Dead

Ready for another trip down memory lane? This one is extra gory, so I hope you have the “guts” to join me. Har de har har. Word play aside, Episode 102 was memorable for a lot of reasons. Here are my takeaways from the episode.

Favorite Lines

This episode had a bunch of lines that were memorable. I love when breathless from their climb up the ladder, Glenn turns and says to Rick:

102 2

There’s also this great moment when Morales and Rick are surveying the ruins of Atlanta and he gives Rick my favorite nickname:

102 6

And who could forget our first major Merleism?

102 7

Later in the episode when Andrea and Rick are watching the door while Morales and Glenn explore the sewer, he says to her:

102 8

Andrea repeats this line in different forms on two occasions in the series:


Speaking of Amy, I love how she tries to stand up to Shane. It shows a lot about her personality. I think if she had lived, she would have proven to be as headstrong as Andrea.

102 13

Favorite Moments

The first time I watched Episode 102 I didn’t think a lot about the part when Rick checks the wallet of the man that he is about to cut up. Rewatching, though, I’m always struck by how different things are now. It’s been a long time since any of the characters stopped to think about the random walkers they encounter as people. I also can’t but think about this:

102 10

Rick says he’s going to tell his family about Wayne Dunlap, but we never see him do it. Maybe he’s saving it as a bedtime story for Judith!

Another great moment is watching Glenn and Rick try to make it down that alley. On the first watch, that was such a tense moment, but now, it seems like nothing compared to some of the other tense situations that Rick and Glenn have been put in.

102 11

Little American Psycho reference for you…

On the lighter side of things, I can’t help but giggle when Merle says he wants a show on hands on whether or not he should be leader and Jacqui casts her vote this way:

102 5

While many TWD episodes end on a sad or tense note, this one always has be grinning in its final moments when we see Glenn heading down the highway.

102 14

Favorite Shot

102 1

I love how just before the scene cuts to the credits we see Rick’s cast off wedding ring resting in the grass with Shane and Lori’s lovemaking blurred in the background. Given the name of the episode, I can’t help but think how seeing that sight would have been a stab in the guts for Rick.

Some Random Thangs

102 9102 3

We also get our first tastes of two more of my favorite characters in this episode:

102 4102 12

So there’s my rundown on The Walking Dead Episode 2! Now it’s your turn to tell me what you remember, love, hate or wonder about the episode. Let me know in the “Comments” section or tweet me!

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