A Look Back at Secrets (TWD Epx206)


A Look Back at Secrets  (TWD Epx206)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the twelfth episode of The Walking Dead

So…I’m a dirty slacker and haven’t flashed back for a couple of weeks. The good news is that I think my “alive life” is done interfering with my dead blogging one, so it’s time to full speed ahead through the days of TWD past. This time, we’re taking a look back at Secrets. This isn’t one of my favorite episodes, but it does have its good moments! Let’s take a look:

Favorite Lines

I really love when Carl says:


to Lori. While Carl annoyed the dickens out of me the first time I watched TWD, when I go back and rewatch, I love how slowly his character developed. This line shows how he’s beginning to change, as does this one that comes slightly later int the episode:

ClgtYtJUoAA-UgYAnd of course, there’s this classic line from Daryl said to Andrea after she apologizes for shooting him.


Not only does the line make me laugh, but I think the whole exchange shows how Daryl is becoming more a part of the group. It’d be hard to imagine the Daryl we first met in Season One responding that way to being shot accidentally.

When Glenn tells Lori what she needs now that she’s pregnant, I can’t help but laugh at how sweet he is. Here are the necessities for an expectant mom, according to the former pizza delivery man:


Another moment that always makes me chuckle is when Dale is trying to build a rapport with Hershel in the barn and he says:


Such a sweet talker. The entire exchange him between he and Shane later in the episode is all so well acted. I especially love when he says:


Favorite Moment

My favorite moment by far in the episode is when Glenn reveals both secrets he’s been keeping to Dale, only to receive this facial expression back:



Random Somethings

This is, of course, the episode where Shane and Andrea go from her looking at him like this:


to her giving him this look in the car:


I find myself wondering what would have happened if the two of them had left. Would Andrea have become more like the comics version of the character? Could the two of them have formed a love connection and hooked back up with the group later on at the prison or found themselves at Woodbury? I’d love to read a fan fiction like that. If anybody knows of a good one, hit me up and tell me about it!

So there’s my look back at Episode 206! Now it’s your turn to tell me what you remember, love, hate or wonder about the episode. Let me know in the “Comments” section or tweet me!


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