A Look Back at Tell It to the Frogs


A Look Back at Tell It to the Frogs (TWD Epx103)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the third episode of The Walking Dead

It’s time for another flashback! This time we’re headed back to Episode 103 Tell It to the Frogs. In this episode, Rick gets you reunited with his family, and we get to see Daryl, Carol, Sophia and Ed for the first time! Let’s take a look back:

Favorite Lines

I always get an eerie feeling when Dale looks at Shane and says:

103 8

because we know that soon enough the herd does make it up the mountain with tragic results. Another line that is powerful for me after knowing how the show progresses is this one:

103 6

Rick wants so badly to start fresh with Lori, but he never really has the chance. Maybe if she had told him about Shane in this moment they could have worked past it, but by keeping it a secret, Lori sets the two up for conflict and ends up driving a wedge between herself and Rick.

On a lighter note, I laugh every time Andrea says:

103 11

And this one always gets me, too:

103 9 1

Especially when I imagine On Golden Pond responding like so:

103 9 2

Favorite Moments

By far my favorite moment in Episode 103 is when Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl. Even though I know what’s coming next, it still brings tears to my eyes to see the way Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs convey the joy of that reunion.

103 4 1

103 4 2

I also really like the interaction between Shane and Carl in this episode.

103 3

103 10

For all the bad tings Shane was, he definitely seemed to love Carl (and Lori, too.)

Favorite Shot

103 1

I can’t get enough of this overhead shot of Merle on the roof! I’m not going to say anything else about the scene as I’m planning to an in-depth feature of it soon. But I’ll leave you with this:

103 2

And one last observation–

103 7

Glenn sure didn’t get to keep that car for long, huh?

So there’s my look back at Episode 103! Now it’s your turn to tell me what you remember, love, hate or wonder about the episode. Let me know in the “Comments” section or tweet me!

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