A Look Back at Vatos (TWD Epx104)

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A Look Back at Vatos (TWD Epx104)

BG Blogger takes a look back at the fourth episode of The Walking Dead

Continuing my flashback series–it’s time to check out The Walking Dead Episode 104 “Vatos.” This is the first episode where our group has a major conflict with both the living and a large herd of the dead.

What strikes me most about it as how different the conflicts are from what we’re used to seeing now–all the humans walk away alive from the altercation and the walkers are easily able to decimate the group. At this point, the dead are still the biggest threat to our survivors, and after a season with the Wolves and the Saviors, it’s almost refreshing.

Let’s dig into the episode:

Favorite Lines

There are a lot of lines in this episode that I love.

First, there’s that opening conversation with Amy and Andrea that reveals so much about their characters. The entire exchange is so good and so well acted by Emma Bell and Laurie Holden, but I especially love when Andrea gets teary eyed and says “No crying in the boat.”

104 1When Jim refuses to stop his digging he says this about Shane’s choice to beat up Ed:

104 6This line may seem simple, but when you consider the fact that he’s saying the line to Dale who dies in an episode called “Judge, Jury and Executioner,” it becomes so powerful. The effect is even greater because Dale went on to become the one who saw what Shane was becoming so clearly and spoke out against his stance on Randall’s fate.

Shortly after that line, Jim says another that is so heartbreaking:

104 7On a lighter note, I always love when Daryl asks Glenn what he did before the apocalypse, surely expecting to hear that he had military training or something of that nature. Instead, Glenn says:

104 8After Glenn is taken prisoner, Daryl wonders if it’s worth it to take on Guillermo and the Vatos to try and get him back. Rick replies:

104 12 I forgot about this line ntil this rewatch to be honest u, but it resonated with me, thinking that we might lose Glenn next season.

104 15This is one of those lines that didn’t strike me the first couple of times I watched the episode, but the further Rick goes away from being the “good guy” he was in Season 1, the more this line affects me.

Last but not least, this line at the end of the episode is so eerie and haunting:

104 17

Favorite Moments

104 2

The first time I saw Episode 104, I suspected that Jim was digging graves and found this scene very unnerving as a result. “Was he planning to kill everyone?” I wondered.

Now that I know how the episode plays out, the sight of him digging so frantically in that field still gets to me, knowing what’s to come.

104 3

One of the reasons I love The Walking Dead is because it’s so well acted, and the scene when Daryl and T-Dog come face to face after Merle’s hand is discovered on the roof has to be one of the most powerfully portrayed moments of the first season.

Hands down, my absolute favorite moment in this episode is this:

104 14 1

104 14 3

104 14 2I will never stop laughing at that moment. Not ever.

Random Somethings

104 7 and a half

Looking back, Daryl was mostly right. Merle lived until he ended up sacrificing himself to save the others. The Governor may have been the one to official kill Merle, but the elder Dixon really made the decision that led to his death.

104 5I’m really bothered by the way everyone treats Jim in “Vatos.” They keep saying that it’s for his own good, but I’m not sure he really was in any danger digging the way he was. The rationale that he was “scaring the children” also seemed ridiculous. Why did they even bring them over there to watch if it was so terrifying?

I think the truth is that the adults didn’t understand what Jim was doing and that they simply couldn’t deal with one more thing outside of their normal experience. They wanted him to stop for their sakes in my opinion.

104 10I can’t help but snicker when Jim says this line, as Lori never seemed to know where Carl was throughout most of the series.

104 11When Guillermo asks Rick who Daryl is to him, Rick says he’s mostly part of their group. I always think how much has changed now, as Rick willingly calls Daryl a brother.


Vatos marked the first time that we lost named characters.  Ed–

104 16

and Amy.

104 16 2

So there’s my look back at Episode 104! Now it’s your turn to tell me what you remember, love, hate or wonder about the episode. Let me know in the “Comments” section or tweet me!

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