All in It Together: The Tower Crash Unifies in TWD Heads Up

All in It Together: The Tower Crash Unifies in TWD Heads Up

Bicycle Girl discusses how the fall of the tower at the end of Episode 607 Heads Up could unify the town that was formerly divided in The Walking Dead.


Episode 607 of The Walking Dead has set the stage for what’s sure to be an exciting, yet brutal mid-season finale. During the last few moments of the action, the tower that had been crumbling slowly throughout the episode finally gave way, collapsing onto the wall and making a clear path for the walkers to enter.


The tower moved with a destructive sort of grace, and as it flattened the wall, I couldn’t help but think of a scene in the season premiere, “First Time Again.” This one:


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.10.43 PM


As Rick and Morgan stood near Reg’s grave, the tower of the church steeple was clearly seen behind them. It was perfectly positioned with Morgan on its right and Rick on its left throughout nearly all of their dialogue.


It seems symbolic of the fact that the two of them are separated now by their views of the world, something that was explored in this past Sunday’s episode as well when Rick asked Morgan if he really believed he could avoid getting his hands dirty.


Morgan holds the view that all life is precious, while Rick has become willing to kill without hesitation when necessary.


I don’t think Rick and Morgan’s positions were accidental either. In religious art like this work done by Ercole Ramazzani back in 1597, the righteous were always shown on the right side of God during the last judgment, while the damned were shown on the left.




Morgan and Rick don’t represent good and evil exactly, but you can easily see how their positions on either side of that church steeple are perfect.

Throughout Episode 601, you get the sense of how separate the people of Alexandria are from Rick’s group. Heath openly doubted Glenn’s plan to get rid of the walkers. Carter tried to incite a rebellion. The people of the town stood on in horror when walkers approached, leading Morgan to rush to their aid.


Although they were all living together, Rick’s group and the Alexandrians were separated just as Rick and Morgan were separated by the sight of the church steeple in the shot above.


In Episode 607, we start to see the town coming together in small ways:



– Glenn went back for Enid, refusing to leave her behind.


– Tara risked her life for Spencer when the grappling hook slipped off the wall.


– Rosita taught the Alexandrians how to use machetes to kill walkers.


– Tobin helped Rick reinforce the wall, saying to him,


“You know, you scared the hell out of people when we first saw you…. You scared the hell out of me. With that beard. The way you looked around like you were seeing things we weren’t hiding around corners. Turns out you were.

Things moved slow here. And then things just started moving fast. Too fast. But don’t give up on us.”




Still, Rick seemed to resist the idea of everyone coming together. He tore down the signs for the prayer circle that Father Gabriel had planned. After Spencer was safe, he scolded Tara and earned a one finger salute by shouting,


“Tara! You almost died once for these people.”


And when he and Michonne were discussing ways to lure the walkers away, he intentionally left out the people of Alexandria, causing Michonne to remind him


“We’re in here together.”


If it wasn’t clear to Rick before, it certainly must be now, as that tower collapsing makes all of them equal, all of them in danger.


To kill the walkers and survive, they’ll need each other. Rick can’t do it on his own, and it’s doubtful that even with the help of the rest of the group, he could succeed without some of the Alexandrians helping.


A tower served as a divider in Episode 601, but in the world of The Walking Dead, walls always seem to fall. The collapse of the second tower should serve as a unifier for Alexandria…but will it? And who will be left when everything is settled?


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