AMC Renews The Walking Dead for Fifth Season!

Walking Dead Episode 4x04AMC Renews The Walking Dead for Fifth Season!

I mean, really, how can you not? With a spin-off in the works, and a record-setting premiere, AMC has made the incredibly wise choice to bring back The Walking Dead for a fifth season. Even as AMC reported the news, which they referred to as “the most anti-climactic renewal announcement ever”, they were thrilled to make it, especially considering that its become the biggest non-sports telecast in cable history.

Season five will still have Scott Gimple at the helm, along with executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Robert Kirkman, Tom Luse and Greg Nicotero. One can only imagine what new horrors the group will face, those who are left after this intense season 4 that is.

With the 20 plus million people that tuned in for the season 4 premiere, I’d be surprised if the Season five premiere doesn’t crack that record. And, don’t forget about that spin-off series that’s coming our way. A new story based on characters from Robert Kirkman. If that series can bring the depth, anxiety, and complex characters like its predecessor, AMC will surely have another hit on their  hands.

What is it that Makes TWD So Successful?


S4E4 Indifference

With a show like this, there could be a laundry list of reasons for its success. Cast, story, special effects, characters, couples, and in the case of The Walking Dead, some really kick ass zombies. There has been an explosion of love for the idea of zombie apocalypse as entertainment, and paired with the characters placed in this world of death and sickness, you have something really special. These people are polarizing, complicated, primal and flawed. They are simultaneously fun and scary to watch.

The Talking Dead Episode 3×03

With the renewal of The Walking Dead, one can only hope that The Talking Dead will be renewed as well. I’ve quickly become a fan of Chris Hardwick and the show. I find the different takes and opinions on the characters and situations intriguing. For the most part think that the guests that sit on the panel are fun, engaging and bring a unique point of view to the discussion.

What do you think about the renewal? If you have any early predictions for the next season, let me know in the comments below! The next new episode of The Walking Dead 4×04 Indifference airs on Sunday, November 3rd at 9/8C.

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