An Open Letter to The Walking Dead Community, ‘About Last Night’

The Walking Dead Season 6

An Open Letter to The Walking Dead Community, ‘About Last Night’


Hey fam, how’s it going? Well, I guess that is a silly question, because I’ve been watching Twitter and Facebook over the last 12 hours or so and I can see what you’ve been thinking or feeling. Hang in there, we knew it would be a tough episode.


There is something I would like to chat with you all about, and I hope that it is read with the intention with which it was written. I’ve been a proud member of this community for many years now, and for the last three years have been lucky enough to have this platform to get to know you all. We’ve been through alot together… Dale, Tyrese, T-Dog, Andrea, Hershel, Beth… the list could literally go on and on.


We’ve debated about The Governor, Terminus and the Wolves. We’ve talked endlessly of the comparisons to the comic series as the original source material and what the show includes or omits. We don’t always agree, sometimes we bicker, but like many families we always end up coming back together for the good of the show and our mutual love for a rag-tag bunch of survivors.


I hope after last night, we’ll be able to do that again.


What draws me to this ‘fanmily’ isn’t just the amazing show that propels it. There are plenty of great shows out there that I choose not to immerse myself into the fan base because, well, that’s another tale for another time. This one, however, has always had an air of camaraderie, support and a self-awareness that just made me fall in love with it and all of you.


For a show like The Walking Dead, that is ripe with drama and intensity and led by a man that is hell bent on breaking our hearts (though, to be fair we let him), it’s important for us to support each other especially in times of strife like we are in now.


So, About The Walking Dead Finale Last Night…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, The Walking Dead 6x16
I am gutted, hurt and very confused. I watched that 90 minute episode in such a state of anxiety that my body shook from it. As a comic reader, the knowledge that the biggest bad was about to make his entrance was simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking because I knew what the consequences of his arrival would be.


However, I knew they wouldn’t tell us right away. I had a feeling a few weeks back that the deceased’s identity wouldn’t officially be known until next October. I’ll be honest, it pissed me off. Not because I thought it was a cheap trick by TPTB, or that it was done so to be a tactical move by AMC for ratings or money. It pissed me off because I knew that for the next seven months we would be in for endless speculation on the possible death. If Glenn’s disappearance under the dumpster was bad, this was going to be a hell of alot worse.


Regardless of my feelings on how the show ended (because for the topic of this letter that point is moot), I am more confused by the comments and rudeness of the accusations against the writers, showrunners and AMC. While scrolling through social media, I witnessed levels of anger and frustration that I’ve never seen in this fandom before, calling for boycotts and hate mail to be hurled at the show and network.


Yes, seven months is a long wait. Yes, I too feel a bit cheated that we didn’t get the full-Negan experience last night and that it didn’t play out as I would have liked it to. But, this isn’t the Sopranos. They didn’t fade to black on a series finale with the fate of a character inquestion. We will not go on for years with wonder as to who suffered under Lucille’s weight. Though, seven months may feel like a lifetime.


The cast doesn’t even know who got it. All the talk about their frustration with the script and how hard it was to film that episode is genuine; they are fans too and probably gutted that they don’t know either! I am sure not knowing is much harder for them, than it is for us. Go easy, fam, let’ all take a collective breath or two and allow calmer headers to prevail.


This letter in no way means that I thought that finale was perfect. It wasn’t. I take issue with a few things that went down, as all fans are entitled to have. I also feel like we have an amazing relationship with each other that we can use this site and social media to continue to talk about those issues. But let’s have the name calling, hateful messages and disparaging commentary against the people behind the curtain, stop.


Trust in Scott. Trust in Kirkman. Trust in the fact that they want to give us a story to talk about, resonate with and be excited for come October. Let’s rally together and prepare for the long haul ahead, and not get stuck in the muddy waters of anger. Besides, there are still a lot of beloved characters left, if we piss off Kirkman, who knows who he’ll have Negan take out next!


A loyal fan of The Walking Dead


The Talking Dead Excerpt: Scott Gimple on the Cliffhanger Decision



So, let’s hear it? Love my letter or hate it, I welcome all reactions as long as we can remain civilized and kind to each other. Everyone’s opinions have merit here on TWD Fan Site. All your voices should be heard, as long as you can engage in a lively debate in a way that wouldn’t want to make Rick Grimes stab you in the throat.


The Walking Dead returns in October 2016.

J. Ryan

Writer of stories. Watcher of TV. I love coffee, Stephen King and long periods of silence to drink coffee and read Stephen King. I watch a lot of T.V. (mostly Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Fringe, but I'm also a shameless Parks 'n Rec binge watcher) and nerd out about these and more on sites like FanFest & MoviePilot. #ConstantReader #XPhileForLife #TeamCarol


  1. EVERY TWD FAN should read this! After the cliff-hanging, open-ended Season 6 Finale last night, we all need to CHILL…and be patient. Very wisely stated J. Ryan!

    • Thanks Laura! I appreciate you taking the time to read it. I hope it helps to calm some people in the ‘fanmily’ down and stop some of the hate directed at the show, cast and crew. This is a great show and family for sure, I am very much looking forward to season 7!

  2. I also was angry at first on how the show ending But that is the reason I love the show so much it keeps you wanting more Can’t wait for October LOVE WALKING DEAD

  3. Well done to all the folks of the walking dead…Excellent writing & acting.. I am so much a fan…You guys had me gripping the edge of my seat, my stomach in my throat & tears streaming down my face…wow …Keep these great cliffhangers coming. The anticipation of the next series is exciting…can’t wait for Oct. Cheers! to all my family at the Walking Dead

  4. I must be to obsessed with the show because I loved it. However I’ve never read the comics. I love the cliff hanger because of that seven months nobody is really mourning for their favorite character yet. The unknown has so many angry. I’m hopeful! Many Thoughts of who it could be, but the uncertainty brings a spark of who it’s not. JDM was excellent!

  5. Thank you J. Ryan. Well said and well needed. I am 100% vested in TWD world from comics, books the show and spin-offs. I love it all. As a deeply rooted fan I just have to say that the writers have done a hell of a job to get so many of us to feel so strongly about a show. Let’s just remember that they have brought us through 6 full seasons of amazing entertainment that I can’t imagine being much better. Let’s trust in them and their obvious skills in creating a show that so many of us truly love. So we all must live through what has to be the biggest cliffhanger I can remember experiencing ever! Kudos to them! The next season is going to be spectacular! I will be thinking about it way more than I should but that is OK with me. And if they did it to guarantee a little extra revenue than so be it, they do have jobs which include keeping us watching and keeping the show exciting. How much more excited could we all be when that first episode of season 7 gets here? I will now go back and binge watch this past season and enjoy FTWD when it starts next Sunday. Thanks John Z

  6. This is all Carol’s fault. I wonder what she will do when she finds out what has happened? Will Morgan still feel that all people can be redeemed?

    I personally didn’t like episode 7-01, while I knew there was going to be a major death, killing two, esp. Glen was heartbreaking for me. It’s was simply to brutal for TV or movie Dom. Poor Maggie. She has suffered so much, only Rick carries more pain.

    I understand the ideology behind what has happened, (comic strip) but it didn’t have to happen in this way, it could have been written much better. I also feel like this is a copy of GOT’s methodology, and, that I do not like.

    But I digress.

    I think Carol with a “reborn” Morgan will kill Negan, and yet again… the group.

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