Are Food Supplies Running Out For the Walking Dead Survivors?

Are food supplies running out for the Walking Dead survivors?

The Walking Dead

With season 8 of The Walking Dead in full swing, an online label company has created an infographic on how food supplies and identification labels hold up over time, all in the name of surviving the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead is getting closer to the two-year mark for the survivors, so we’re asking, as time goes on, how are food supplies holding up? Which rations of food will help you to survive over the course of time? How far along can you get before it gets too difficult to scavenge for your everyday food essentials?


INFOGRAPHIC: Breaking Down Food in the ZA

InfographicGaining knowledge of what kinds of foods will last in an apocalyptic disaster, Data label has assembled a handy vertical timeline infographic on the subject. It details what situation you’d be in after so many days, months and years with food supplies compared to which disaster is happening at that time based on popular movies and TV shows such as The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, I Am Legend and more.

In the survival world, having an insight into what disaster relates to your current situation and what you can eat in the type of situation you’re facing can be very beneficial and the key to maintaining your survival needs. You can prepare yourself while staring into the face of a catastrophe.

Informational labels and signs is an important factor for all survivors. They give potential warnings or directions when needed which are vital for survivors especially when encountering upcoming new areas. The question is, how long in the fight can labels and signs last for?

When considering the worst situations, extreme weather conditions or any major war breaking out, what can affect these important labels and the information provided on them?

If survivors need to find out anything important, such as any facts they need or require help and guidance for something, they would be in trouble, as they may not find the information if signs and labels are of bad quality, making it unreadable or simply ruined from the catastrophe.

Also, it will most likely turn out that when surviving, your everyday go-to place for learning and answers, the Internet, will be out of reach. Any worrying questions, guidance or advice you’re looking for will probably be hard to find considering the occurrence. Survivors would be relying on labels, previous knowledge and instinct alone.

Philip Carlyn of Data Label commented:

“It’s interesting to see from the timeline where you would stand in an apocalyptic world, being left over with only a certain amount of supplies, in order to survive. I feel this is a great ‘back of the mind’ kind of thought that would be essential in these types of situations”.

He continued:

“If the worst came to the worst, and you’re left holding on to survive, by knowing how you would hold up in the situation, it would be a very advantageous factor to grasp and to understand of what types of foods will hold out for your current circumstances”.

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  1. Most interesting!

    Aha, but isn;t it longer than two years? Judith is a at least two!

    I will now be a total nerd/anorak and explain!!

    First summer: starts
    First winter: on the run after collapse of farm (we don’t see it) – Lori with flat stomach as they leave prison
    2nd summer: at prison, Lori about to give birth. Also, Andrea tells Michonne that she ‘couldn’t do another 8 months’
    2nd winter: the time after the collapse of Woodbury that we don’t see, during which time they sow and grow lots of food.
    3rd summer: the return of the Governor, collapse of prison, on the run, which takes us up to…
    3rd winter: on run before Terminus. It’s New Year’s Eve when the Claimed gang attack, and clearly winter – autumn leaves, coats, etc.
    4th summer: at Alexandria
    4th winter: autumn…. but this is where the timeline speeds up, as it should really be about April/May, but it’s clearly autumn.
    Now heading towards 4th summer!!!

    I wondered about all this when I read somewhere that it had only been 18 months in real time, but it’s 10-11 months from it starting to when Judith is even born.

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