Are the Balloons a Clue to Who Will Die in the TWD MSF?

Are the Balloons a Clue to Who Will Die in the TWD MSF?

Bicycle Girl shares a theory about a mysterious picture AMC aired in advance of the Midseason Finale of Episode 6 of The Walking Dead

If I had legs, I might have jumped up and down when Maggie looked to the sky and saw those green balloons floating by. There weren’t 99 and they weren’t red, but they made me feeling like singing just the same. Of course, we all know disaster struck Alexandria just moments later, but for a brief moment those balloons served as a symbol of hope.


This week, AMC put out the following photo for the promo of the Season 6 Mid-Season finale that featured those balloons. Sign of hope, right?




Not so fast. A very clever Twitter user from The Walking Dead family, @DeputyNStuff,  suggested that maybe this image of balloons may hold clues to how many people might die in this week’s episode and who they might be. And I think it’s a very good hypothesis.

After a chat with another member of our TWD family, @NvrEnoughMullet,  on the subject I wanted to share my thoughts with you.


Why Are the Balloons a Symbol of Death?


So how come the balloons aren’t just supposed to remind us of Glenn’s return. Here’s 3 big reasons:


  1. Glenn and Enid didn’t release 7 balloons; they released 10 as you can see here in this photo.


  1. The sky was blue and free of clouds in the episode. In the promo photo, it’s covered with ominous storm clouds.


  1. The balloons aren’t going to be in the mid season finale more than likely. The hopeful moment has passed. Now, we’re focused on the aftermath.


Bicycle Girl’s Theory on the Balloons


So as @DeputyNStuff pointed out in the discussion on the Twitterverse, the balloons are arranged into groups. I’ve labeled them here A, B, C and D and will go through my thoughts about each group.


But first–a disclaimer.


I read the comics but have not read any spoilers for the episode. I will not reveal spoilers from the comics specifically in my discussion out of respect for those who don’t read. If you choose to comment to me and you read the comics or have read spoilers, please do not spoil things for my readers. Don’t make me have to bite you!


Okay now that we’ve got that out of way. Let’s look at each group.


Balloon Group A Is the Andersons

Major Dodsen as Sam, Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This group has three balloons, and I can only think of one trio of characters–Jessie, Sam and Ron Anderson. We already know that Beanie Dick is off the reservation walking around with bullets in his gun and stalking Carl, so it’s likely he’s going to do something dumb and die in this episode. Sam is a hot mess over the walkers and therefore at risk of panicking and ending up bitten, or he may take Carol’s advice about killing things to heart and end up with a bite. Jessie could end up a casualty when one of her children dies.


Balloon Group B Is Carl–But He’s Not Dying


Notice that this balloon is not headed in the same direction as the other balloons. It is drifting toward Alexandria, not away from it. I believe this is a sign not of death but of injury, namely of Carl. An event in the comic serves as the root of this belief. Suffice it to say, I think Beanie Dick is going to shoot poor Carl but that he will ultimately survive.


Balloon Group C Is 2 Residents of Alexandria


I believe this pairing of balloons corresponds to two residents of Alexandria. Some possibilities:

Jason Douglas as Tobin - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

1. Tobin. Tobin got a few lines in the last episode and told Rick not to give up on them. It’d be fitting that he’d die after saying those words.


2. Bruce. Bruce has been named and been given some lines but he’s pretty much a red shirt at this point. If you don’t remember him, he’ son the far of the photo with Tobin.


3. Eric. Eric’s still injured and likely not able to run as fast as the others. He could fall and be eaten.



4. Deanna. Deanna has already shown she’s losing some of her fear of the walkers by rattling the gate. She could try to stand up to them and end up being bitten.


Tara (Alana Masterson) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

5. Tara. Tara risked her life for Spencer in the last episode. Maybe this time she doesn’t get as lucky. People have been speculating that Tara might be written out because Alana Masterson was pregnant during the filming of Season 6.


Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

6. Eugene. I am 99% certain that is Eugene’s voice on the radio after listening and re-listening. Maybe he calls for help but ends up bitten before anyone can come to his aid.



7. Spencer. Could Spencer try to redeem himself after not fighting during the Wolf invasion and failing during his high wire stunt? It’s possible.


My Best Guess: If I were a betting walker, I’d put my money on Eric and Deanna going.


Balloon Group D Is Someone Who Stands Alone


This balloon is all by itself but heading off in the death direction. I think more than likely this is Morgan’s pet wolf, maybe killed by Carol or maybe killed in the confusion. It’s also possible that this balloon could be Morgan since he’s been distanced from the group due to his all life is precious philosophy.


So there you have it–my take on this compelling discovery made by @DeputyNStuff. Head over to Twitter and give them a follow why don’t you? And follow @NvrEnoughMullet, too!


As a final thought, I would love to be wrong about these predictions, especially where Tovah Feldshuh, Alexandra Breckenride, Jordan-Woods Robinson, Major Dodson, Austin Abrams and Benedict Samuel are concerned. All of them have brought a lot to the show with their performances, and they’ll be missed if they’re the ones to go.


So what do you think about the 7 balloons? Who will be the ones to die this weekend?

Tell me what you think in the Comments section, hit me up on Facebook or follow me on  Twitter and send me a tweet! But remember–the only thing spoiling around here is my decaying body. Please don’t ruin things for readers if you know for sure something from a spoiler site.

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