As ‘The Walking Dead’ Rolls On With Season 7B, How Do You Think Its Doing?

As ‘The Walking Dead’ Rolls On With Season 7B, How Do You Think It’s Doing?

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt), The Walking Dead, 7B, episode 11

The Story So Far…. what do you think of the first three episodes?

So, there was me thinking the second half of Season 7 would be back to the mood of Season 6 (I think possibly the best series, the more I watch it the more I take my hat off to the brilliant continuity), with our gang together, getting ready to fight the common enemy… but it seems to be carrying on in the same mode as the earlier parts. But now I get it. The world is a more dangerous place than ever, and circumstances are affecting them all so differently.

I know that there’s been much criticism of this season, and I wonder if it’s because the balance between comic type stories and realism isn’t quite working, and it seems a bit disjointed? I think it’s just evolving, that’s all, and we’ve come a long way since Hershel’s farm, after all. I know a few people weren’t convinced by the whole Jadis the Junkyard Queen scenario – it seemed a bit ‘Mad Max’, but let us not forget that the post-apocalyptic world is several years on now (as Jadis said, they open tins and find the contents rotten!), and people are changing. I presumed Jadis and her gang were simply a group of Europeans who don’t speak English all that well!

The high point so far is, of course, the Daryl and Carol reunion, which was so touching and heartbreaking, and I won’t write about it again because Jen Ryan has said it all, HERE. I also LOVED the taking of the explosives and mowing down of the Walkers in Rock in the Road!

I have some questions:

Where is Heath???

Is Rosita going to stop being a total bitch, or is this the new her, ready for an explosion at some point further down the line?


Dr. Eugene Porter, TWD Season 4


Now, we come to EUGENE. Well, who would have thought, eh? How willingly he knelt… but is he just poor, sweet, scared little Eugene? Did you notice how he smiled as he walked away from Negan, just like he did in TWD season 4, episode 15, “Us” when he sabotaged the army truck? As Rosita said when they found out he was lying about the cure, people died trying to get him to Washington. So is he totally self-serving? There’s no doubt that he’s probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum, but is he a quiet sociopath, too? He could be thinking, ‘well, back in Alexandria everyone treated me like big, dumb Eugene. Here, I’m respected. And I’m getting everything I want’. Is he still that same guy who insisted on going back for Tara and Glenn in the tunnel, or have his experiences hardened him?

Some of his lines in “Hostiles and Calamities” were excellent, one of the best bits being, of course, when he nodded his head to ‘Easy Street’ ~ symbolic, huh? I’d love to know what you think….



The Walking Dead

Austin Amelio as Dwight – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

And finally, we come to Dwight. Just when I was thinking he might choose the path of light, he gets Doctor Savior shoved in the furnace….. I can’t quite get my head around why Dwight is as he is. I’ve re-watched, recently, when he first met Daryl in the burnt forest in Always Accountable (S6:6), and he seemed like a reasonable sort of guy. I don’t get why he and Sherry went back. That bit of the plot doesn’t ring true for me, I’m afraid. But if I suspend my disbelief about that bit, I can see why his bitterness at being disfigured and losing his wife would send him psycho. He doesn’t hate Daryl, he admires him, wants to be him; why else would he pick his bike, leather, and crossbow? He’s a great, complex character who could run and run; I hope they don’t get rid of him too early.

And on we go….

The Walking Dead

Daryl (Norman Reedus) first meets Dwight (Austin Amelio) in the burnt forest in “Always Accountable”.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays, 9/8C on AMC.

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  1. Lazy writing this feels like they are going to spend all season working up to the ending and the beginning of next season. You have a story and characters to make it interesting instead they keep writing like it is a bad soap opera !

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