Breaking Down The Walking Dead Season 8 SDCC 2017 Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking DeadBreaking Down The Walking Dead Season 8 SDCC 2017 Comic-Con Trailer


All. Out. War.

Alexandria. The Hilltop. The Kingdom. The Sanctuary.

Make sure you got your shittin’ pants on…


San Diego Comic Con TWD Season 8 Preview



Let’s Break it Down…


Ok, so question #1… How does Negan get Father Gabriel?? Will he be the first casualty of season 8? It looks like Gabriel is stuck in a room or office of some kind surrounded by walkers. Is this another Negan mind-game like he played with Rick in the season 7 premiere, ‘Get my axe?’, or does he plan on feeding Gabriel to the undead waiting outside? Neither really seems likely, as I would guess after the events of the last season finale, Negan is out to eliminate everyone that crossed him, including the creepy priest. So would he waste time toying with Gabriel, or just give Lucille a quick drink?


Carol just chillin’ with Tara as she chews on a Twizzler made me smile. But, to be fair, any scene with post-season 2 Carol makes me smile. (Well, except that one scene in The Grove… yeah YOU know which one). Later we see an aerial shot of them waiting out a herd passing below them. There haven’t been many Carol and Tara interactions, so I am excited to see these two powerful women share some screen time together.


A montage of scenes shows Carl walking low between cars, Morgan tense and ready to pounce, Rick and Maggie waiting… The choice of music through this display only adds to the tension that is radiating from each of the scenes.


It continues… Ezekiel walking through a group of his people, Daryl stopping to hydrate with a herd of walkers approaching in the distance. Rosita and Michonne driving, and is it just me or does Michonne seem to look concerned about something she’s seeing out of the car window?


The next scene of significance… Dwight unrolling a paper that says ‘Tomorrow’. Did Daryl and the group decide he could be trusted and somehow get word about an impending attack? Maybe that was the context for which we saw Maggie and Rick… Can Dwight be trusted? I think Negan has his suspicions about Dwight, so could this instead be a setup?


And what is this place?!?


The Walking Dead


Clearly, there is power, so I am going to assume this is part of the Savior’s compound. Which, considering how it went for Sasha when she broke into Negan’s home, this worries me for Carol.


The Walking Dead


There better be a damn army behind her if this is the Savior’s compound. No reason Carol needs to be heading in there alone!


I am loving Aaron’s new wheels and the modifications that the Alexandrian’s have made. Later we see this caravan heading to The Hilltop. It could mean a lot of things, but for one person, in particular, I think it means continuing to making poor choices. We still don’t know exactly what, if anything, Gregory had a chance to tell Simon. Did he even make it there before the battle in Alexandria? Either way, the look on his face as this line of cars and new people pour into his community is sourer than when Simon took all his booze.


Mark my words: Gregory will not make it out of this season alive. I do believe the widow Rhee will have him strung up before long.


Then, our fearless leader begins to speak. Personally, I got goosebumps as Rick gives an impassioned speech before his people, confirming that this new world that’s been exposed, is theirs for the taking.


When I first met him, Jesus told me my world was gonna get a whole lot bigger. Well, we found that world. We found each other. That bigger world is ours by right. For those that use and take, then kill, we end them!


Hands down my favorite scene of the trailer… Jerry and the King…


Jerry: Thank you, Your Majesty.
Ezekiel: For what?
Jerry: For being such a cool dude.


Yup. I adore them both.


Rick continues:


For everything we’ve been through, for everything we’ve endured, everything we’ve risen above, everything we’ve become! No matter what comes next, we’ve won! We’ve already won!


Damn straight, Rick.


Rick wasn’t the trailer’s only motivational speaker though, Maggie got a few words in the end there that would rival Bravehart’s ‘go get’em’ speech. Needless to say, I think we are in for a lot more action than we’ve seen on the show in a while. As well as, a lot more checks in the win column for Rick and his new friends.


What About That Ending?!?


Yeah, we’re not done yet… what about the way this trailer ended? Rick, grey and bearded [much like his comic counter part, cane and all] waking up in a bed, with flowers in the foreground. Looks familiar, right? Of course, it does. Is this the time jump we were warned about a while back [and that takes place in the comics, but not until AFTER ‘All Out War’] or is this Rick’s death episode? In his own panel yesterday at Comic Con, Kirkman made mention that Rick most likely will not survive The Walking Dead. But in true Kirkman style, we don’t know if that means the show, the comics, or both. We’ve seen main characters go before, but could the show survive without the Sheriff?


Other Notable Moments of the Trailer


The Walking Dead


  • Carol interacting with more children? Yes, please!
  • Ezekiel telling Carol, “Trust the King.” You’ve got my trust Ezekiel… always.
  • SHIVA!!!!!
  • Morgan and Jesus… FIGHTING?!? Is this The Walking Dead‘s version of Mortal Kombat?!
  • Bringing back the shipping containers – nice throwback to Terminus
  • LOTS of explosions!
  • Daryl back on his motorcycle & causing explosions!
  • Morgan said, “I don’t die.” That pretty much means he’s a goner, right?


Let us know what you loved, or didn’t love about TWD season 8 footage. What questions do you have or what parts of the trailer stick with you? We’re halfway through hiatus guys, hang in there, only three more months to go!


The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 22nd at 9 p.m. EST. Be sure to check out the SDCC trailer for Fear the Walking Dead also released today!

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