Countdown to #TWD100 – Daryl Dixon’s Best Lines Across the Seasons

Countdown to #TWD100 – Daryl Dixon’s Best Lines Across the Seasons


Daryl’s a man of few words; sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re profound, but they’re always just so Daryl! Here are a few favourites:


S1:3 ‘Tell It To The Frogs’


Daryl to Dale:
Why don’t you take that stupid hat and go back to On Golden Pond?’


S2:1 ‘What Lies Ahead’



To a statue of Jesus, in a church, while looking for Sophia:
Yo, J.C., you taking requests?’


S2:3 ‘Save The Last One’



To Andrea, talking about when he got lost in the woods as a child:
Hell, I was younger than her and I got lost. Nine days in the woods, eating berries, wiping my ass with poison oak’ … ‘My old man was off on a bender with some waitress. Merle was doing another stint in juvie. Didn’t even know I was gone. I made my way back, though. Went straight into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. No worse for wear. Except my ass itched something awful.’


S3:2 ‘Sick’



In the prison, when they find Tomas and co, the prisoners locked up:
Today’s your lucky day, fellas. You’ve been pardoned by the state of Georgia. You’re free to go.’

S3: 10 ‘Home’



To Merle, when he leaves him to go back to Rick and co in the prison.
I may be the one walking away, but you’re still the one who’s leaving … again.


S4:12 ‘Still’


To Beth, during their moonshine session, when she asks him what he did before:
I was just drifting around with Merle… doing whatever he said we were gonna be doing that day. I was nobody. Nothing. Some redneck asshole and an even bigger asshole for a brother.


S5:6 ‘Consumed’


To Carol, in an office in Atlanta while looking for Beth, about a piece of modern art:
Looks like a dog sat in paint, wiped its ass all over the place.


S5:16 ‘Conquer’



To Aaron, when they are in the Wolves’ trap, in a car, surrounded by Walkers and certain death…
I feel all closed up back there. Even now, this still feels more like me… than back in them houses. That’s pretty messed up, huh?


S6:11 ‘Knots Untie’



To Jesus, when he’s telling the Alexandrians about Negan and the Saviours:
These dicks just got a good story. The boogeyman, he ain’t shit.

And last but not least, everyone’s favourite from S3: 5 ‘Say The Word’….

I’m not even into kids, but the sight of Daryl feeding baby Judith…. *gulp*
Li’l ass-kicker. You like that, huh? You like that, sweetheart?’

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