Did You Think About the Morgan & Terminus Connection in TWD?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.01.38 PMDid You Think About the Morgan & Terminus Connection in TWD?

Bicycle Girl discusses the appearance of the Terminus signs from The Walking Dead Episode 604 Here’s Not Here.


I’m not sure if I actually have the ability to digest what I eat but I do slowly digest what I see in the episodes of The Walking Dead. There was a lot of that to do after Sunday’s 90-minute Morgan backstory episode, but one thing I kept coming back to was that part at the end when we see Morgan starting off on his journey after Eastman died.


Where do we see him going? Right to this guy’s lair:




Ah, Terminus! The only all you can eat barbecue joint in operation in the apocalypse.



So here are a couple of my thoughts about this detail and what function it plays in the show:

1. Showing Morgan on the Way to Terminus Is a Reminder of His Journey.


I don’t know about you guys but when I see Terminus signs I think of this:



And that of course reminds me of that sneaky scene they added to Episode 508 Coda when we saw Morgan stumble on the spot of the Bob-ecue and then watch him discover the map that Abraham left for Rick back in Georgia, the same map that Morgan showed to Aaron and Daryl.


Seeing Morgan headed to Terminus makes us remember how far he traveled to find Rick, presumably to follow Eastman’s advice about being with other people.




2. Putting Morgan on the Path to Terminus Raises Some Questions.


So when exactly did Morgan get to Terminus? While Rick was a prisoner? After it fell? It’s not likely that he had lived there because I can’t see him going from living with his all-life-is-precious oatmeal-burger-eating sensei to the cannibal crew.


The sign Morgan passes hasn’t been marked by Rick; however, the whole reason why Terminus worked as a sanctuary was that there were many paths to it so it’s likely that Morgan was just on a different one.


I would guess that Morgan arrived to find Terminus overrun and then he ended up taking the same path that Rick and the others traveled to find the site of the Bob-ecue and the church.


3. Terminus Plays a Symbolic Role in The Walking Dead Episode 604.

In my last post I discussed the meaning of Here’s Not Here, about how Morgan was stuck in his own mind apart from reality, and about how even his world view at the end is not realistic. You can’t save yourself by sparing others in the world of the walkers.

Morgan’s benevolent world where you can afford to be merciful is an illusion.


Just as Terminus was fake. Not sanctuary at all. It provided the illusion of safety, but in actuality, traveling there meant death for many. It meant being consumed.


Morgan is traveling down a path in a world that he is misjudging. Perhaps like the innocent survivors who sought refuge in Terminus, it will be his undoing.




4. The Termites and Morgan Might Have Something in Common.


And no, it’s not just craziness.


Gareth explained to Rick and to Bob that they used to help people. They used to provide sanctuary. They used to save people, but then as Gareth said,


“We evolved. We had to.”


After their goodness was taken advantage of and they were tortured, raped and starved, the people of Terminus became the hunters.


Right now, Morgan is taking it upon himself to be merciful. To try and save people.


Is it possible that the Wolf he’s captured will make him regret it? Could he come to see the risks that kindness poses? And if so, will he once again become the man who needs to clear?


We’ll have to wait and see…


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