Did You Think of this Parallel in FearTWD Episode 204?


Did You Think of this Parallel in FearTWD Episode 204?

BG Blogger discusses how the two stories told in Episode 204 of Fear the Walking Dead mirror one another


In Episode 204 of Fear the Walking Dead, “Blood in the Streets,” we were introduced to characters that were interested in nothing but themselves. They had no qualms rushing in to take something, no matter who got hurt along the way.


And we also finally met Jack, the man behind the mysterious voice from Alicia’s radio, and his friends.


That’s right–my intro wasn’t talking about the trio that boarded the Abigail to steal it from our survivors. I was talking about Victor Strand and Thomas Abigail.

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We first saw the characters sitting at a bar in New Orleans, watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina play out on a television screen. As they exchange some banter, it was revealed that Thomas had come to the city to seize the opportunity to buy land dirt cheap and that Strand was bankrupt due to his own real estate investment being destroyed.


Strand takes advantage of Thomas’ interest in him, getting the man drunk and then stealing his credit cards. With the money, he purchased debt, essentially preying upon people who were in times of financial hardship in order to make back his fortune. Instead of turning him over to the police, Thomas “obligated” Strand to repay him with interest and presumably to do his bidding. Both men show that they are willing to exploit others’ weaknesses for their own gain.


At the end of the episode, we see Strand preparing to go back to LA. Now romantically involved with Thomas, he wants to go and complete a real estate deal, taking advantage of the crisis with the infection to buy up land cheap. This time, Thomas tells him not to go, but Strand says:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.28.17 PM

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The story of Strand and Thomas is the perfect parallel to that of Connor’s crew of modern-day pirates. Taking advantage of communities in crisis and preying on people’s weaknesses is the pre-apocalypse version of boarding a boat with a clever deception that a pregnant woman is in distress. And in a way, it’s more despicable.


After all, Thomas and Strand weren’t doing what they did for survival; they were doing it to become rich, and in the grand scheme of things now, that wealth matters little. Maybe the fortune they amassed has provided them with a safe haven from the walkers, but we know from The Walking Dead how easily even the most secure places can be lost.

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When Luis warned Nick not to get his leather interior dirty, the moment was laughable. How could he be worried about a car he wasn’t even going to take with him? The moment showed just where the focus of Luis, Thomas and Strand is and was.


Even though there is danger waiting to devour them on the shores and board their boats to kill them, they don’t see the blood on the streets for what it is.


A lifetime of being a greedy predator may have amassed him wealth, but Strand would have drowned or died from hypothermia in that water if Madison hadn’t come for him.

Will Strand, Thomas and Luis be forced to see that the real wealth in this world is people? Or will they continue to be profiteers no better than the people who kidnapped Travis and Alicia?

We’ll have to keep watching to see. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter for more BG Blogger.

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