Fear the Walking Dead Mid Season Finale “Shiva”

Owl of Santa MuerteFear the Walking Dead Mid Season Finale “Shiva”

The Owl

To understand the owl is to understand Santa Muerte (Spanish for Saint Death or Holy Death), who serves as a spiritual icon that millions of people in Mexico (and some in the U.S., Puerto Rico, & Guam) pray to and worship. Typically appearing as a female skeleton in a tunic, the Saint has inspired a death cult that appeals to the disenfranchised. Some of her worshipers claim she protects them while others use her to cause harm to their enemies. Known as a vengeful entity, it’s common knowledge that if you ask her for something in life and she delivers, you must give her an offering or suffer the consequences. Several depictions of Santa Muerte include a globe, scythe, and owl. According to folk lore, the owl symbolizes her ability to navigate the darkness as well as a messenger from the afterlife. This myth is represented by an owl, while an hourglass symbolizes the beginning and the end of a life. Other Mexican myths claim the owl is a bad omen and hearing one hooting is as sign that death is nearby. This lines up perfectly with Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead episode “Sicut Cervus,” where the owl was ominous and did indicate death was nearby. It’s no wonder Daniel threw Luis’ coin away…he probably wanted nothing to do with a death cult.

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My Personal Experience with Owls

I don’t know about you but I was totally freaked out by that owl! I like owls but I don’t want them in my yard hooting. I had never heard this Santa Muerte myth but I had read of a legend “that an owl calls your name” when death is near. Many years ago a small caramel colored owl greeted me every night for two weeks, sitting in my back yard where I could see him when I arrived home. At the end of that two weeks my father unexpectedly passed away. I thought of the legend then. A few years later another small caramel colored owl showed up again, possibly the same one. I pled with the owl to go away but he did not until my best friend’s father fell from a deer stand and was killed. I told a coworker about the owl and the legend and he didn’t believe me. Several years later when his father passed away suddenly he came to me, with an odd look on his face, and told me of the owl that had come to his yard every night for two weeks before his father died. He believed.

Sicut Cervus

We had so many unanswered questions last week by the time the episode ended. Was Chris really going to kill Madison and Alicia? Is he crazy? Is Daniel going crazy? Did Strand only tell Abigail he would die with him to appease him? What will happen when Celia realizes Strand is still alive? And just what is up with Celia? Which one is creepier, Celia or the Owl? Oh, so many questions!


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Mother Bear Madison is once again trying to keep her family safe. It is well that she does not trust Celia. Strand says he’s not done; has he figured out Celia was the cause of Abigail being bitten because she murdered the whole church flock? Will he go after Celia? If Madison saw Nick shuffling along among the walkers, I’m sure her heart almost stopped, thinking he was lost. Then he tells her that he can move among them. He figured out that little trick of walker guts a while ago which might be the thing that helps them escape from Celia to save their lives.

Ofelia, Your Face is Coming Off!

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Ofelia and Daniel wake to a loud sound and try to leave without being caught. When Ofelia lags behind, Daniel tells her to keep up, then he sees there is something dreadfully wrong with her. As she puts her hand to her face, she tears away skin and all, as if she was doing nothing more than peeling an orange. The horror on Ofelia‘s face is reflected on Daniel’s as he watches his daughter do the unthinkable.

Grab a friend, some snacks, and someone’s hand and watch Fear the Walking Dead‘s mid season finale “Shiva” this Sunday night on AMC at 9/8C. Tweet me on Twitter @sassypoo and let me know what you think!


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  1. I really liked Fear of the walking dead. Please make many more episodes? I really hope to see more of the show.

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