THE WALKING DEAD Alternate Ending

Rick:  *seen stalking a lone walker….approaching and killing it….exhaustedly, he puts hands on knees to catch his breath, drops to his knees, and looks up at the sky as a storm rolls in, he looks around the Hilltop ruins, and we know that he is the last man standing, it’s all gone, his family, his friends….all of it*

The scene changes to reality, where Rick and Lori lie in bed watching National Geographic as a pack of black panthers stalk and kill their prey.

Lori:  “Oh, hey, don’t forget we have Shane’s birthday dinner tomorrow.”

Rick: *whining playfully*  “Another big dinner? Didn’t we just have one?” 

Lori:  “This is his birthday, the last one was at Christmas. Everyone is gonna be there:  The Dixons, yes, both of them, The Rhees., The Joneses….”

Carl:  *opens bedroom door*   “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m home from work.  Sophia and I are going out later.”

Rick:  “You really like her, don’t you?”   *smiles at Carl*

Carl:   *grinning* “Yeah. She’s pretty amazing.”

Rick:  “She is a very sweet young lady.”

Carl leaves. Rick and Lori say, “Goodnight.”

At Shane’s birthday dinner, the families are sitting at a huge round table, our gentlemen are finely polished and wearing suits, while our ladies look as lovely as ever, and the children are well dressed and using their best manners. 

As Rick, Lori, and Carl walk into the restaurant, we see the group from far way, then one at a time, we see Shane seated with his wife Andrea, and their daughter Judith, Morgan, his wife Jenny, and their son Duane, Glenn, his wife Maggie, and their daughter Summer, Merle, his wife Michonne, and their son Andrè, Negan with his wife Lucille, Dwight and his wife Sherry, Phillip and his daughter Penny, and finally Daryl, his wife Carol, and their daughter Sophia.  

They chat animatedly, and Andrea, loudly and jokingly proclaims to the group “It was one time! One time I forgot to turn out the bathroom light, and he lost his mind.” *all laugh*

Andrea: *playfully mocking Shane*   “Are we trying to light up the entire neighborhood? I never met any woman who knew how to turn out the lights….”

Shane:  “Aww, Honey, you know I’m not that bad; I’d never say that….”                

Andrea:  “No….you’re not….”    *leans in for a quick kiss*  “Happy birthday.”


The Walking Dead reminds us that whatever we're fighting, we must keep fighting to survive. "Opting Out" is not an option.

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