Five Things That The Walking Dead Changed Forever

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Five Things That TWD Changed Forever


Nothing beats sitting in a dark room with a tub of ice cream, soaking up the opening credits music while bracing yourself for another TWD binge. There are, however, some disturbing side-effects from watching too much TWD. One of them is how totally normal items suddenly induce feelings of panic and sweat to form across your brow. I’ve compiled the top 5 items that you simply won’t be able to look at the same way after watching TWD. Thanks, AMC…


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An Iron.

We have all been raised to be wary of an iron, it’s hot you know. Yet, there’s something about watching Negan take a burning hot iron and planting it on Mark’s face in Season 7 that makes this common household object look terrifying.

The sizzling noise and frantic cries were so intense I could almost smell the burning flesh as I watched from behind my cushion on my leather couch. I’ll never look at an iron the same way again. They just don’t belong on your face, you know?






A Meat Grinder.

Ok, so actually this one is not as literal as it sounds. In Season 8 Episode 10, Jadis leads her newly-zombified walker pals to a metal grinder at the scrapyard. The result, a huge amount of bloody meat oozing out to provide the perfect Walker burger. Yummy!

Now you will always remember this deliciously gruesome and yet tear-jerking moment whenever you set up the old meat grinder in your kitchen. Hug your loved one, you’ll never know what tomorrow brings. Poor Jadis.





A Carving Knife

In Season 4, remember the ominous signposts with the broadcast “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive?” In a Zombie apocalypse where the undead are roaming your local supermarket and moving in next door, you can see the appeal of the message, right?

Unfortunately for Rick and the gang, it was a trap luring desperate survivors to walk like lambs to the slaughter into the cosy home of Gareth and his cannibal chums. It certainly had us holding our breath as we watched Rick about to meat (see what I did there?) a grisly end. Every time I look at a carving knife in my kitchen, I still hear the screams…



A Baseball Bat

Round of Baseball anyone? No? Why not wrap some barbed wire around the bat and go to Pound Town on someone’s noggin’? Yes, count me in!

We were first-properly-introduced to Lucile (Negan’s baseball bat) in Season 7’s final. The bizarre weapon looked frightening enough but the true horror was not unveiled until the bat (and wire) clashed with Abraham and Glenn in Season 8. We later learned that Negan lovingly named his thirsty bat after his late wife, Lucile. How romantic!




A Revolving Door

You might think of happier TV Shows such as Sex and the City when the girls go on a shopping trip. The revolving door is iconic for any shopping trip montage!

Unfortunately, AMC The Walking Dead ruins this by stuffing a mall to the brim with walkers and leaving Glenn trapped inside a revolving door, frantically trying to evade the walkers from both inside and outside the mall. Clearly, he didn’t get the memo not to go looting on Black Friday.

The most unsettling part was watching a walker chew on Noah’s face amongst all the chaos. I suppose the food course was closed…


What ways have TWD affected the way you look at things in your world? Are there any I have missed? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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