Get Ready for Season 4 with TWD Full 2013 SDCC Panel

Walking-Dead-Season-4Get Ready for Season 4 with TWD Full 2013 SDCC Panel

We are less than a month away (Finally!!) from the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead! I have to say, this has felt like the longest hiatus… ever. Seriously. But now getting this close, I thought it would be fun to get ready for the new season by watching everything one more time (again and again).
So, here is the first video in a series of videos you can watch just to get a taste of what is to come!

Full Walking Dead 2013 Comic Con Panel


And of course, can’t watch the above, without revisiting the original long season 4 trailer previewed at Comic Con this past July!

Walking Dead season 4 is just around the corner! How are you preparing to survive?

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