Guest Blog: Zombie Survival Tips That Will Kill You

Guest Blog: Zombie Survival Tips That Will Kill You

This column comes to The Walking Dead Fan Site courtesy of Mike Johnson of Mike’s Gear Reviews. He made this fantastic infographic and provided us with some Zombie Apocalypse tips that you MAY want to reconsider if (WHEN) the dead rise. Thanks, Mike!

7 Popular Zombie Survival Tactics That Will Get You Killed

Zombie survival tips are all over the internet but not every tip and hack you see will actually work and will ensure your survival. Some tips that sound legit but they are simply not logical given that a zombie apocalypse is a unique kind of emergency.

As the zombie apocalypse nears, grab your zombie survival kit and run for your life. The following are the five zombie survival tips that people think might work, but will actually lead to your demise.

Raiding the gun shop

When zombie apocalypse strikes, you might think that you must arm yourself with weapons to protect yourself. Now you want to get your hands on the biggest and baddest firearm in the shop. The problem is, so does everyone else!

The closest gun shop to your house is also the nearest to many others and like minds think alike. Many people will also probably run to that shop. Assuming that you arrived before the crowd, the owner will probably not sell anyone a weapon and will try to save them of himself.

Getting out of town immediately

In the event of a zombie uprising, the city is the perfect buffet place for the zombies due to the number of people living in it. Thus, the first thing on your mind is to escape and get out of the city right away.

Everyone else also wants to get away immediately resulting all the roads in a deadlock. Let us put emphasis on the word “DEAD”!

Solution: Lay low for a while until the chaos subsides. It will pay off to know the back roads heading out from the city. When there is no longer a bottleneck, take your chance to escape, bringing your bug out bag. Be on the lookout for places that are not yet infected by zombies.

Fortifying your home

Most people will advise you that if you cannot fight back, strengthen your defense. You decided to stay indoors and make your home an impenetrable fortress to keep the zombies out. While you tried to keep out the undead, they are keeping you in. The only difference is zombies do not get tired, but your supplies will eventually run out.

Solution: Plan out an evacuation strategy as it will make it easier for you to escape if there is an outbreak. Know the different alternative routes so you can avoid the pack of zombies running after you.

Using melee weapons

Melee weapons are combat items that are used at arm’s length. While zombies are typically slow – limping toward their prey, it does not mean that you should fight back. The best advice is to RUN! In addition, using close-range weapons will be a disadvantage as hundreds of zombies would mob you in no time. Moreover, you will be more vulnerable to infection as you will come in contact with body fluids.

Invest in long-range weapons as these will come handy when fighting off the undead. If there is a need to fight the zombies, aim for the hip or leg if you are not an expert with guns, as it will slow them down.

Heading out alone

The biggest mistake you can make during a zombie apocalypse is to head out on your own. When you are alone, you make yourself more vulnerable to attacks. No man is an island and you need the support of others in order to increase your chances of survival.

Group with people with different skills and abilities as they will benefit your survival. Do not hunt for food alone. If possible, go in pairs, at least.

A zombie apocalypse is a one-of-a-kind disaster and it demands earnest preparation. It is important that one must know the popular survival tips that will lead to your death in order to avoid them. Also, to find a viable solution to ensure your safety and survival. This and more in the infographic (see left), provided by

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