Has Fear the Walking Dead Turned a Corner?


BG Blogger reflects on the FTWD Episode “Pablo & Jessica”

I’ve talked before about how in many ways Fear the Walking Dead has been much bleaker than The Walking Dead.

It has focused on what happens to a family in a time of disaster, how things fall apart, people change and loved ones are separated by death, necessity or choice.

In The Walking Dead, the breakdown of the family unit had already occurred in the early days of the outbreak before the action unfolded, leaving us to watch as a new sort of family formed, one tied together by circumstance that ended up becoming bound by love and respect for each other.

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on this past week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, I think we might be seeing the show starting to shift toward building new families in new places.

Nick and Madison’s group have both found new homes where they intend to stay, and new bonds are being formed, not through shared living experiences but through the dead.


After he comforted her over the death of her brother Pablo, Luciana learned that Nick had a sister that he was separated from. This seemed to affect her deeply, and before she parted for the night, she ended up turning back to give Nick a passionate kiss.

Similarly, Strand and Oscar bonded. Victor empathized with his inability to kill his wife, remembering how he had been forced to kill his own love. In the end, Victor did for the husband what he could not do on his own; he went into the hotel room to put down Jessica.


The title of the episode, “Pablo & Jessica,” couldn’t have been more perfect. In mourning the dead, the survivors of Fear the Walking Dead are finding new ways to not just survive, but maybe to live again.

Will it continue or will these new bonds become severed before they have a chance to solidify? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

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