How Are YOU Feeling After The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale?

Season 4 Episode 8How Are YOU Feeling After The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale?

I don’t know about you, but my heart is pounding like I just ran a marathon. We knew The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale was going to be explosive. I mean, there was a tank after all. We even knew that some wouldn’t make it, “All Will Fight. Some Will Fall”. Readers of the comics voiced their opinions on who it could be, especially since Scott Gimple said we would see more of the situations within those pages on our screen. What I wasn’t prepared for was the intensity and crazy action of that battle. So many great things to talk about from “Too Far Gone”, I don’t even know where to start!

“It could work. You know it could.” No, my dear Hershel, it couldn’t. Tank aside, the threat of the Governor’s new militia storming the prison and newly attracted walkers left me screaming at the television screen on more than one occasion. It’s a cliche to yell at the TV “watch out behind you!”, but I found myself doing it more than once during this episode. When that walker was coming up behind Daryl, man did I shout loud enough for him to hear me down in Georgia.

“We’re not leaving.”

I was tense watching Rick plead with The Governor to stand down and sing Kumbaya with them all, but when that one-eyed terrorist had Michonne’s sword raised, I knew Hershel was a goner. Once again, causing me to yell at the TV, for Hershel to duck, turn around, something!! But, we all know how that ended.

Scott Wilson’s presence will be greatly missed on the show. He played Hershel with a sweet toughness, and infected him with so much life it’s hard to believe that he won’t be around anymore. Besides Dale, Hershel is really the only character that I was actually sad to see go into The Walking Dead tomb of the dearly departed.

That fight scene between Rick and The Governor was crazy. No, crazy isn’t the right word. VIOLENT is a better choice! Oh my, did Rick take a beatin’. All those months taking care of crops and pigs may have taken its toll on Rick. I really believed his speech about living together. I felt he was sincere in what he was saying and having that speech be the last thing Hershel heard from Rick, given their many long talks, was the ONE bright spot in all the blood shed. Hershel knew Rick tried to make it work. But, in the end, it just couldn’t.

Oh, Michonne, How I Love Thee

No, seriously. She’s bad ass. It HAD to be her to bring him down. I know Rick got some good punches in, and Lilly ended up taking the last shot. But, it was Michonne that brought that man to his knees, rendering him useless and leaving him for Walker bait. For me, it was the BEST scene of the entire episode.

So many things were going on in the prison, I really need to go back and watch it again just to figure out where everyone ended up! Not that I mind. Now that I know what’s coming, maybe I won’t have to practice my yoga breathing JUST to avoid a heart attack. But, it’s why we watch, right?

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 9th, 2014 at 9/8C on AMC with the second half of season 4!

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